• Ph.D. (2012)

    Political Sciences - Political Thoughts in Islam

    , Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies,

  • M.Sc. (2006)

    political science

    , Islamic Azad University Tehran Branch,

  • B.Sc. (1996)

    political science

    , University of Tehran, Iran

  • political thought in islam and iran: islamic political philosophy
  • philosophy and the islamic revolution current thought and intellectual movements
  • civic wisdom and transcendent politics or sadrayl politics


    Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    Current Teaching

    • MS.c.

      Contemporary Islamic Philosophical-Political Thoughts

    Teaching History

    • Ph.D.

      Political Thought in Iran

    • MS.c.

      The Intellectual and Theoretical Discourse of the Islamic Revolution

    • 2019
      Ghalavand, Sajjad
      Political Ideonomy evaluation of Douglas North\'s theory of New institutionalism in explaining the failures of development in Iran (11th and 12th governments administration )



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