• Ph.D. (2014)

    Continues PhD (Condensed Matter)

    Physics, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan, Iran

  • Nanoscale Heat transfer: Macroscopic methods in thermal transport, Atomistic method usage in transistors, Heat transfer in low dimensional systems
  • Bio heat transfer
  • Superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid structures: Triplet supercurrents, Spin supercurrents, Spin-transfer torque in nonhomogeneous ferromagnets, Triplet ferromagnetic superconducters, Superconductance
  • Computational condensed matter physics: Quantum circuit theory method
  • Superconductivity: Proximity and Josephson effects


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    • Being accepted as a student of Electrical Engineering in Tehran University & Introduced as an exceptional talent (September 2003)
    • Chosen as the contributed speaker in the conference "Conference on Nanophononics, Bridging Statistical Physics, Molecular Modeling and Experiments | (smr 3302), ICTP", Trieste, Italy, 2019
    • Graduate Student Poster Award "15th Annual IASBS Meeting on Condensed Matter Physics", Zanjan (2009)
    • Iran nanotechnology initiative council Award for the outstanding work "Spin-Transfer and Exchange Torques in Ferromagnetic Superconductors" (2015)
    • Ranked 191 out of more than 500,000 participants in entrance exams of universities (2003)
    • Organizer of the Weekly Seminars of Department of Physics at IPM for two years.



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