• Ph.D. (2003)

    Governmental management (adaptive and developmental)

    , Allameh Tabatabaei University,

  • M.Sc. (1998)

    governmental management

    , Shahid Beheshti University,

  • B.Sc. (1994)

    Business Management

    , University of Esfahan, Iran

  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Organizational Theories and Management


    Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    Explaining the Mediating Effect of Employee Morale between Organizational Goal Ambiguity and Innovative Work Behaviour: Evidence from the Public Sector of Iran

    Hassan Danaeefard, Abdolali Ahmadzahi Torshab
    Journal PaperInternational Journal of Public Administration , 2021 March 14, {Pages 20-Jan }


    Despite the importance of innovation and innovative behaviors to the public institutions, the climate of these organizations does not grant their employees a sense of purpose and meaningfulness to be intrinsically motivated in their work. Ambiguous goals may influence employee’s attitudes and behaviors. However, previous research findings were mixed about the effect of goals on innovation at work. This study, therefore, seeks to explain the perplexing relationship between organizational goal ambiguity (OGA) and innovative work behavior (IWB) regarding the mediating effect of employee morale. A survey was administered, and respondents were selected from four public organizations of Iran. Finally, data were collected from 700 operational, f

    Iranian government’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19): an empirical analysis

    Ali Farazmand, Hasan Danaeefard
    Journal PaperInternational Journal of Public Administration , 2021 April 7, {Pages 12-Jan }


    The fight against COVID-19 has become a primary concern of all effected countries worldwide. Governments are considered as the primary custodians of “crisismanship” (governance, administration, operations) in these countries. Undergoing the most severe economic sanctions imposed by the United States directly and indirectly for the last three years, Iran has been waging a full-scale war with enormous challenges at two fronts: (1) against the unprecedented economic sanctions, and (2) against this historical Pandemic of the 21st century. This study addresses the second and aims to investigate and prioritize the factors affecting the path of struggle against the Pandemic. The study utilizes an exploratory mixed method for analysis of data a

    Relational Network of Policy Entrepreneur’s Strategies in Public Policy System of Iran

    Reza Eshgarf, Ali Hamidizadeh, Hassan Danaee Fard
    Journal PaperOrganizational Culture Management , 2021 April 15, {Pages }


    In this paper, the results of survey of the strategies of policy entrepreneurs in the Iranian public policy, using the DEMATEL technique, are presented. The purpose of this research is to identify, discover causal relationships, estimate the impact and finally provide a communication network map of the strategies that, according to experts, are used by policy entrepreneurs in the Iranian public policy to provide policy innovations. The research method of the article is a descriptive and the selection of experts in the form of purposeful or judgmental sampling to 20 people is based on snowballs. For this purpose, first, the theoretical foundations and concepts of policy entrepreneurship in order to identify the strategies of policy entrepren

    Implication studies: a methodological framework

    H Danaeefard
    Journal Paper , , {Pages }


    The Dark Side of Social Capital: Investigating the Role of Social Capital in the Tendency to Administrative Corruption

    H Danaee Fard, Z Molavi, A Sohrabi
    Journal Paper , , {Pages }


    Organizational goal ambiguity and public service motivation: evidence from Iran

    H Danaeefard, AA Torshab, M Mostafazadeh, J Delkhah, F Imanikhah
    Journal Paper , , {Pages }


    How Does Human Capital of Public Sector Affect National Wellbeing?

    H Danaeefard, J Babashahi
    Journal Paper , , {Pages }


    Crisismanship under the Most Severe Sanctions: Lessons Learned from the Iranian Government’s Responses to the COVID-19

    A Farazmand, H Danaeefard
    Journal Paper , , {Pages }


    Status of Students’ Critical Thinking Disposition (Case study: Farabi Campus Students, University of Tehran)

    A Dastyari, H Zarei Matin, H Danaeefard, H Yazdani, J Babashahi
    Journal Paper , , {Pages }


    Comparative Study of Theory of Social Construction of Reality and Enactment Theory of Allameh Tabtabayi and Explaining Its Implications for Public Policy

    Morteza Javan Ali Azaar, Hassan Danaee Fard
    Journal PaperInternational journal of public policy and Management , Volume 1 , Issue 1, 2020 January 10, {Pages 17-20 }


    Explaining social reality for a long time occupied the minds of philosophers and therefor Various philosophical and sociological schools have provided various theories for understanding the nature of social realities and their production and change process; Theories that belief and commitment to the implications of each of them will have a great impact in the field of public policy making and Especially social policies. One of these theories, is the theory of" social construction of reality", which today has become a theoretical basis for policy making and scholars of the field of policy making designed a models based on its implications for policy making. In the tradition of Islamic philosophy, allameh Tabatabai provided theory of “Eteba

    A research Agenda on the Implementation, Issues and challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility in Iran; A guideline for Future Studies

    Hasan Danaee Fard, Ali Asghar Fani, Ali Reza Hassanzadeh, MoohamadReza Noruzi
    Journal PaperInternational journal of public policy and Management , Volume 1 , Issue 1, 2020 January 10, {Pages 04-Jan }


    Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in Iran, CSR in Iran like in other countries has its own challenges. Some of the corporations do not want to do the CSR laws because it creates limitation for their corporation but it should be noticed that this view is not a reasonable and realistic look on the CSR implementation and in general it can be said as a short look on the CSR. If companies looks strategically and long term on the market and see its compotators in real the reasonable conclusion is doing and implementing from the CSR. The aim of this paper aims to study the corporate social responsibility, CSR in Iran generally and some issues and challenges of CSR in Iran come as well.

    The Effect of Organizational Goal Ambiguity on Employee Morale in Public Service Organizations in Terms of Organizational Mission and Individual Characteristics

    H Danaeefard, SH Nayyeri, M Akhondi
    Journal PaperJournal of Public Administration , Volume 12 , Issue 1, 2020 January , {Pages 23-41 }


    Objective: Given the effect of employee morale on organizational productivity and the low productivity of the public sector, it is critical to examine this variable and to discover its effective factors. Organizational goal ambiguity affects employee morale and this is blatantly noticeable in the public sector. This study is aimed at investigating the category of public service organizations in which morale is affected by goal ambiguity and determine the type of employees influenced by it.Methods: Data were collected using the standard questionnaires of PFS Employee Morale and Rainey's Organizational Goal Ambiguity. The study population consisted of 79 public service organizations of Yazd, from which 380 employees were selected through stra

    Leadership in project management: a scoping review

    Hassan Danaee Fard, Musa Hajiani, Kamyar Fatemifar, Mohammadreza Golchian Khabbaz
    Journal PaperInternational Journal of Project Organisation and Management , Volume 12 , Issue 1, 2020 January , {Pages 74-116 }


    This scoping review article is a systematic literature review focusing on 'leadership in project management' with the aim of enabling future researchers to achieve a better understanding of main foci and topics of state-of-the-art studies, areas requiring further research, and/or limitations and blank or less studied subjects. To do so, we employed the five-step scoping review method (Arksey and O'Malley, 2005) in scanning and analysing pertinent articles from electronic databases. As described in the Section 2, of 1,120 citations, 56 articles matched the inclusion criteria. For each article, the key variables including main foci, research methodology, limitations, suggestions, implications, validity, reliability, conclusions, etc., were ex

    What drives leader integrity?

    Mojgan Zarghamifard, Hasan Danaeefard
    Journal PaperInternational Journal of Business Governance and Ethics , Volume 14 , Issue 1, 2020 January , {Pages Jan-33 }


    The inspiration for this research is determined by the fact that leader integrity may have countless effects on organisations and employee performance. The research gap has focused on the antecedents of leader integrity within Iranian public services. This qualitative study used rich data from in-depth interviews and followed a Glaserian grounded theory as its research method. Results have suggested that, different factors influence leader integrity that include: individual characteristics (altruistic mindset, authenticity, organisational-based self-esteem, personal values that confer integrity, Machiavellianism), moderating factors (organisational: organisational climate regarding integrity, human resources management, whistleblower activi

    The Antecedents and Consequences of Market-Based Higher Education Policy in Iran

    Saeed Moghadaspour, Hassan DanaeeFard, Aliasghar Fani, Ahmadali Khaefelahi
    Journal Paper , Volume 12 , Issue 1, 2020 January 1, {Pages 55-72 }


    The market-based higher education development policy has been an alternative policy for the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology because of the university budget constraints. The increasing number of universities and higher education centers in the country and the increasing number of undergraduate and postgraduate students are evidence of this. With regard to the purpose of this study which analyzes the antecedents and consequences of the formation of the market-based higher education policy in Iran, deep and semi-structured interviews were conducted by scientific and practical experts in the Higher education system of the cities of Tehran and Isfahan between 2016-2018, and finally, seven antecedents: the origins, structural-polit

    Conceptualization of employees’ experiences of managers’ competence: A phenomenographic study

    Kaveh Jabbari, Hassan Danaee Fard, Seyed Hosein Kazemi, Jalil Delkhah
    Journal PaperManagement Research in Iran , Volume 24 , Issue 3, 2020 October 10, {Pages 27-Jan }


    In this article, it is argued that there is variation in the meaning of managerial competence for members of groups dealing with managers, and empirical study is proposed to grasp it. Next, application of this proposal is shown through a qualitative study using phenomenography method with 33 participants from employees of an organization. Research data is gathered through semi-structured interviews, and analysis shows six qualitatively different ways of experiencing managerial competence: Competence as being referral, as being developer, as being enabler, as being director, as being institutionalizer, and as being representative. In addition, these ways of experiencing are seen as embedded in a hierarchy constituted by four levels of person

    Designing a tool for measuring human resource management quality in good governance base and validating it in Iran’s public sector

    N Salarieh, H DanaeeFard, RJ Rahnavard, A Rajabzadeh
    Journal PaperPublic Organizations Management , Volume 8 , Issue 2, 2020 January , {Pages 55-66 }


    Human resource management quality has an extensive impact on employee attitude and their behaviors and the end in organizational performance. So, human resource management quality has an important role on employee behavior and performance. The aim of this research is to designing a tool for measuring human resource management quality in good governance base and validating it in Iran’s public sector. To explore this state, in qualitative part, we surveyed the literature and then interviewed 28 employees of the different organization. By analyzing literature and qualitative data from interviewed, and use roadmap of Iran administration system correction and good governance in the public sector model, prepare a conceptual and operational fram

    Typology of Problem Definition Theories and its prism of light spectrum in Policy Analysis.

    Hasan Danaeefard, Seyyed Mojtaba Emami
    Journal PaperStrategic Management Thought , 2020 September 23, {Pages }


    Oftentimes, policy failure refers to the wrong definition of a policy problem. This is a pervasive challenge in various fields, especially public policy analysis studies, which are also referred to in different terms. In practice, too, the definition of a wrong problem in the form of a third type of error leads to policy problems remaining unresolved and sustainable. The cause of the third type of error should be sought for four reasons: systems of problems, different interpretations, information politics, and external changes.In this article, while reviewing the nature of policy problem and problem definition theories, a typology of the most important policy problem theories is presented. In addition to the literature review, we will prese

    Why and How Does Policy Change over Time: a Narrative Explanation from Iran

    Hasan DanaeeFard, Tayebeh Abbasi
    Journal PaperPublic Organization Review , 2020 October 30, {Pages 22-Jan }


    Over recent years, policy change explanation has grown into a topic of interest among scholars. Accordingly, various frameworks, theories, and models have been introduced to explain policy change through proposing different causal mechanisms to clarify policy change not necessarily aligned. This paper aimed to investigate the Act of Goals, Functions, and Structure of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology (MSRT) in Iran as an important and radical policy change in the fields of science, research, and technology (SRT). Moreover, there were attempts to identify causes of policy change. This paper had contributions to practitioners and researchers studying in the fields of SRT as well as those involved in promoting policy change.

    Designing a Role Model for IRI Minister of Research, Science and Technology

    Seyedmohammadreza Seyedi, Hasan Danaeefard, Asadollah Ganjali, Ahmadali Khaef Elahi
    Journal PaperOrganizational Behaviour Studies Quarterly , Volume 9 , Issue 3, 2020 September 22, {Pages 139-170 }


    Developing managers' influence in organizations success and the need to improve their performance necessitated designing manager' development systems, which, one of its solutions is to recognize and analyze their roles. From sociologists' point of view, role theory comes from comparing social life with the play; in another word, just as actors on the stage are expected to play their role well, the role is simply a behavior that is expected from people according to their position. Meanwhile the importance of ministers' roles isn't concealed to anyone. Ministers -at the top of politics and management- are managers of large organizations called ministries whose smallest decisions can have great effects; Therefore, lack of their role model, not

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