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    Biology, Plant Sciences - Plant Physiology

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    , Shizuoka,

  • Ph.D. (2002)

    Applied Biological Chemistry, Shizuokja,

  • M.Sc. (1992)

    Biology - Plant Sciences

    , Tarbiat Modares University,

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    General biology

    , Arak University,

  • Oxidative Stress and Biotechnology of Secondary Metabolites
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  • Oxidative Stress and Biotechnology of Plant Secondary Metabolites
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Dr.FAEZEH GHANATI 9821-82884403 ghangia@modares.ac.ir w8613009@yahoo.com Permanent Address: Department of Plant Biology Faculty of Biological Science TarbiatModarres University P.O. Box 14115-154 Tehran Iran Professional Summary An accomplished scientist and educational assistant with over twenty years? experience in biological research and theoretical formulation, in particular in plant cell physiology and biochemistry. Mastered in routine methods in plant cell histochemistry, organogenesis and plant cell-tissue culture i.e., Electromicroscopy (SEM, TEM) and UV-light microscopy. Specialist in advanced analytical methods in plant biochemistry, i.e., GC-MS, GC, HPLC and other chromatographic systems, UV-Visible Spectrophotometry, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, SEM-EDS, SEM-XRF, and Electrophoresis.


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Increase in lipid productivity and photosynthetic activities during distillery wastewater decolorization by Chlorella vulgaris cultures

Seyed Mojtaba Soleymani Robati, Mohsen Nosrati, Faezeh Ghanati, Abazar Hajnowrouzi, Dominique Grizeau, Catherine Dupr?
Journal PaperApplied Microbiology and Biotechnology , 2021 March 30, {Pages 13-Jan }


Finding an eco-friendly process for the decolorization of distillery wastewaters is a major concern. This study shows that the Chlorella vulgaris CCAP 211/19 strain can be used for color removal and direct production of oleaginous biomass. A response surface method was used for determining optimal operating conditions, including the dilution factor of industrial wastewater. The highest daily light supply values were the most efficient for color removal. The analysis of the microalgae physiological status confirmed that these colored waters could have a photoprotective action. Moreover, the increase in photosystem 2 activities of C. vulgaris CCAP 211/19 strain after short-term incubations in the presence of a synthetic melanoidin confirmed t

Molecular, chemical, and physiological analyses of sorghum leaf wax under post-flowering drought stress

Sepideh Sanjari, Zahra-Sadat Shobbar, Faezeh Ghanati, Sanaz Afshari-Behbahanizadeh, Mostafa Farajpour, Mojtaba Jokar, Azim Khazaei, Maryam Shahbazi
Journal PaperPlant Physiology and Biochemistry , Volume 159 , 2021 February 1, {Pages 383-391 }


Wax accumulation on the sorghum surface plays an important role in drought tolerance by preventing non-stomatal water loss. Thereby, the effect of post-flowering drought stress (PFDS) on the epicuticular wax (EW) amount, relative water content (RWC), chlorophyll, and grain yield in sorghum drought contrasting genotypes were investigated. The experiment was conducted as a split-plot based on randomized complete block design (RCBD) with two water treatments (normal watering and water holding after 50% flowering stage), and three genotypes (Kimia and KGS23 as drought-tolerant and Sepideh as drought-susceptible). Scanning electron microscopy and GC-MS analyses were used to determine the wax crystals density and its compositions, respectively. I

Melatonin improves the photosynthesis in Dracocephalum kotschyi under salinity stress in a Ca2+/CaM-dependent manner

F Vafadar, R Amooaghaie, P Ehsanzadeh, F Ghanati, S Allakhverdiev
Journal Paper , , {Pages }


Proteomic and metabolomic analysis of desiccation tolerance in wheat young seedlings

Parisa Koobaz, Mohammad Reza Ghaffari, Manzar Heidari, Mehdi Mirzaei, Faezeh Ghanati, Ardeshir Amirkhani, Seyed Elyas Mortazavi, Foad Moradi, Mohammad Reza Hajirezaei, Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh
Journal PaperPlant Physiology and Biochemistry , Volume 146 , 2020 January 1, {Pages 349-362 }


Young wheat seedlings are desiccation tolerant and have the capacity to withstand long dehydration period. In this study, we characterized the proteome and metabolome of wheat seedlings during desiccation and after recovery. Functional classification of differentially identified proteins revealed dynamic changes in the number and abundance of proteins observed during stress and recovery. Desiccation resulted in a decline in the abundance of proteins associated with photosynthesis and carbohydrate reserves, along with an increase in the presence of proteins associated with stress and defense response, such as peroxiredoxins and antioxidant enzymes. Following recovery, the abundance of stress-responsive proteins returned either partially or c

Chitosan-induced phenolics production is mediated by nitrogenous regulatory molecules: NO and PAs in Linum album hairy roots

Elaheh Samari, Mohsen Sharifi, Faezeh Ghanati, Elisabeth Fuss, Najmeh Ahmadian Chashmi
Journal PaperPlant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) , Volume 140 , Issue 3, 2020 March , {Pages 563-576 }


Due to medicinal value, phenolics are of great interest. Many investigations have already been conducted on Linum album Kotschy ex Boiss to increase these valuable compounds especially lignans. In the present work, the hairy roots of the L. album were treated with 200 mg L− 1 chitosan for 12, 24, 48, and 72 h and the lignan contents were determined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). To understand the governing upstream routes, the contents of hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O 2), nitric oxide (NO), salicylic acid (SA), the activity of antioxidant enzymes, the amino acids, polyamines, and phenylpropanoids were determined by HPLC and spectroscopy techniques. The levels of regulatory molecules (H 2 O 2, NO, and SA) enhanced at first ho

Melatonin and calcium modulate the production of rosmarinic acid, luteolin, and apigenin in Dracocephalum kotschyi under salinity stress

Farinaz Vafadar, Rayhaneh Amooaghaie, Parviz Ehsanzadeh, Mustafa Ghanadian, Majid Talebi, Faezeh Ghanati
Journal PaperPhytochemistry , Volume 177 , 2020 September 1, {Pages 112422 }


Melatonin (Mel) and calcium (Ca2+) have a regulatory role in the induction of specialized metabolites production and defensive responses against stresses. Therefore, in this study, the effects of Mel and Ca2+ and the possible relationship between them in the increase of the production of phenolic compounds in Dracocephalum kotschyi Boiss. under both control and salinity stress conditions were investigated. The results showed that 75?mM NaCl reduced shoot dry biomass but elevated H2O2 content, electrolyte leakage (EL) level, total phenolic and flavonoid contents (TPC and TFC), and DPPH scavenging capacity. Salinity stress also upregulated gene expression of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) and rosmarinic acid synthase (RAS), as well as the

Crosstalk between melatonin and Ca2+/CaM evokes systemic salt tolerance in Dracocephalum kotschyi

Farinaz Vafadar, Rayhaneh Amooaghaie, Parviz Ehsanzadeh, Faezeh Ghanati, Reza H Sajedi
Journal PaperJournal of Plant Physiology , Volume 252 , 2020 September 1, {Pages 153237 }


In this study, the role of calcium/calmodulin (Ca2+/CaM) and melatonin (Mel) as two signal molecules in inducing systemic salt tolerance of Dracocephalum kotschyi Boiss. was investigated. Salinity stress (100 mM NaCl) reduced plant growth and induced ionic, osmotic, and oxidative damages in D. kotschyi leaves. Detection of cytosolic free Ca2+ ([Ca2+]cyt) by the Fura-2 method and the measurement of endogenous Mel by GC–MS demonstrated that salinity induced Ca2+ burst and increased endogenous Mel content in D. kotschyi leaves. Root pretreatment with 5 mM Ca2+ or 100 μM Mel recovered plant growth, reduced leaf electrolytic leakage, H2O2, and MDA contents and improved membrane integrity not only at the application site (roots), but also at t

A comparative study on the effects of ultrasound and some growth factors on somatic embryogenesis and artificial seed production in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Journal PaperNotulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , Volume 48 , Issue 4, 2020 December 22, {Pages 1915-1928 }


Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.), a popular vegetable crop of the family Cucurbitaceae, is cultivated in different parts of the world and is of great economic importance. Ultrasound is known as a physical stimulus that can affect living systems. At the right frequency and exposure period, these waves have desired effects. In the present study, 2-week-old plants, were put in an ultrasonic bath with a nominal frequency of 40 kHz, a central frequency of 34/722 kHz and a bandwidth of 320 Hz for 0, 5, 10 and 15 minutes. Hypocotyl pieces were used as explants and cultured in Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with 0/5 mg/l each of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, 1-Naphthalene acetic acid, kinetin and 6-benzylaminopurine. The use of ultrasonica

Machine Learning Techniques for Soybean Charcoal Rot Disease Prediction

Elham Khalili, Samaneh Kouchaki, Shahin Ramazi, Faezeh Ghanati Ghanati
Journal PaperFrontiers in Plant Science , Volume 11 , 2020 January , {Pages 2009 }


Early prediction of pathogen infestation is a key factor to reduce the disease spread in plants. Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid, as one of the main causes of charcoal rot disease, suppresses the plant productivity significantly. Charcoal rot disease is one of the most severe threats to soybean productivity. Prediction of this disease in soybeans is very tedious and non-practical using traditional approaches. Machine learning (ML) techniques have recently gained substantial traction across numerous domains. ML methods can be applied to detect plant diseases, prior to the full appearance of symptoms. In this paper, several ML techniques were developed and examined for prediction of charcoal rot disease in soybean for a cohort of 2,000 h

The role of melatonin in reinforcement of antioxidant system of rice plant (Oryza sativa L.) under arsenite toxicity?

Mehri Nazarian, Faezeh Ghanati
Journal PaperPlant Physiology Reports , Volume 25 , 2020 September , {Pages 395-404 }


Arsenic (As) is a toxic metalloid, which enters into the human food chain mainly through rice. One imminent toxic effect of As is oxidative stress. Melatonin is potentially an antioxidant compound. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficiency of melatonin to decrease arsenite (AsIII) toxicity in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Twenty one day old rice plants were treated with or without 25??M AsIII, 0.25??M melatonin, and a combination of both, for 48?h in hydroponic culture. Arsenite toxicity was manifested as reduced chlorophyll, soluble sugars and protein contents, and decreased growth of the plants (48%, 29.1%, 23.6% and 87.5% of the controls, respectively). In addition, AsIII increased the content of H2O2, the activity of catala

Energy saving and improvement of metabolism of cultured tobacco cells upon exposure to 2-D clinorotation

Maryam Soleimani, Faezeh Ghanati, Zahra Hajebrahimi, Abazar Hajnorouzi, Parviz Abdolmaleki, Fatemeh Zarinkamar
Journal PaperJournal of Plant Physiology , 2019 January 4, {Pages }


Studies have confirmed that on the ground, the plant cells must expend energy to maintain positional homeostasis against gravity. Under microgravity conditions, such energy may be saved for other process such as biosynthesis of beneficial metabolites for growth. This hypothesis was examined on a cell line of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Burley 21). The cells were continuously treated with 2-D clinostat for 1 week. Exposure to clinorotation conditions increased biomass and total protein. Total content of soluble sugar also increased which may provide more precursors for Krebs cycle and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. In the case of 2-D clinorotation, the expression and activity of glutamate producing enzyme, glutamate dehydrogenas

The role of SIPK signaling pathway in antioxidant activity and programmed cell death of tobacco cells after exposure to cadmium

Faezeh Ghanati
Journal PaperPlant Science , 2019 January 2, {Pages }


Cadmium (Cd) toxicity induces oxidative burst and leads to programmed cell death (PCD) in plant cells. The role of salicylic acid-induced protein kinase (SIPK) signaling pathway in Cd-induced oxidative stress was investigated in suspension-cultured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Barley 21). The cells were pretreated with 40 ?M PD98059 (inhibitor of MAPKK) and then exposed to 50 ?M Cd for 24 h. The percentages of cell viability, apoptosis, necrosis, and the content of reactive oxygen species (ROS) were monitored by flow cytometry. Expression of PCD related gene (Hsr203J) and the contents of certain signaling molecules were measured as well. The results showed that Cd increased the expression of SIPK, Hsr203J, and CAT genes, the activiti

Evaluation of secondary metabolites and antioxidant activity in Dracocephalum polychaetum Bornm. cell suspension culture under magnetite nanoparticles and?…

Marzieh Taghizadeh, Fatemeh Nasibi, Khosrow Manouchehri Kalantari, Faezeh Ghanati
Journal PaperPlant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) , 2019 January , {Pages 10-Jan }


Suspension-cultured Dracocephlum polychaetum Bornm. is a wild medicinal herb native to Iran, treated with a static magnetic field (SMF) and Fe 2 O 3 magnetic nanoparticles (MNP). The effect of SMF (30 mT), Fe 2 O 3 MNP (100 ppm) and the combination of these treatments on phenolic metabolism and the medicinal compounds were examined by high performance liquid chromatography and UV–Vis spectrophotometer. The activity of polyphenol oxidase and phenylalanine ammonialyase, as well as the content of total phenolics, flavonoid, anthocyanins, lignin and malondialdehyde in all treated cells, showed a significant difference with control. The intracellular content of rosmarinic acid, naringin, apigenin, thymol, carvacrol, quercetin and rutin, in all

Effects of Static Magnetic Fields on the Antioxidant System of Almond Seeds

F Abdollahi, H Amiri, V Niknam, F Ghanati, K Mahdigholi
Journal PaperRussian Journal of Plant Physiology , 2019 January , {Pages 09-Jan }


Abstract During the evolutionary process, all living cells experience natural magnetic fields (geo-magnetic fields) as a usual part of their environment. Living organisms are adapted with natural fields, but magnetic waves derived from modern life may change the metabolism of cells. In this experiment, the effects of static magnetic fields (SMF) on total sugar, the contents of soluble proteins, proline, malondialdehyde (MDA), phenolic compounds and anthocyanin, as well as the activity of antioxidant enzymes and total antioxidant capacity, were studied in two species of Amygdalus i.e., Amygdalus scoparia Spach and Amygdalus eburnea Spach. Unique seeds of each species were treated with or without 10 mT SMF for fou

Metabolic activity and pathway study of aspirin biodegradation using a microbial electrochemical system supplied by an alternating current

Zohreh Moghiseh, Abbas Rezaee, Faezeh Ghanati, Ali Esrafili
Journal PaperChemosphere , Volume 232 , 2019 October 1, {Pages 35-44 }


The main aim of this study is to investigate the biodegradation of highly concentrated aspirin as an emerging pollutant from aqueous solution using an alternating current microbial electrochemical system. A single-chamber Plexiglas cylindrical reactor equipped with stainless steel mesh electrodes (18 cm height ? 16 cm diameter) was applied as the bioreactor in batch mode with an effective volume of 5 L, height of 20 cm, and the diameter about 20 cm by AMPL = 2 Vpp, OFST = 0.1 V, waveform = sinusoidal, frequency = 10 Hz, and pH = 7. The process parameters including initial concentration (100–400 mg L-1), chemical oxygen demand (COD), activity of enzymes, biokinetic and pathway studies at very low v

Cyanobacterial extract as a source of nutrients for mixotrophic growth of Chlorella vulgaris and Nannochloropsis oculata

Samira Rezasoltani, Farzaneh Vahabzadeh, Zeinab Shariatmadari, Faezeh Ghanati
Journal PaperAlgal Research , Volume 39 , 2019 May 1, {Pages 101480 }


Large amounts of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers for microalgal growth and low productivity of microalgae-based processes are fundamental issues in commercialization of biofuels derived from microalgae biomass. The present work was undertaken to benefit the nitrogen-fixing ability of heterocystous cyanobacterium, Anabaena vaginicola, as a substitute of nitrogen fertilizer for culturing Chlorella vulgaris and Nannochloropsis oculata. The results indicated that the microalgae could both assimilate the nitrogenous extract of A. vaginicola as the only nitrogen source of the medium and utilize organic carbon content of the extract in mixotrophic growth. Presence of phytohormones in the extract of A. vaginicola was also detected which might offer

Hydrogen sulfide directs metabolic flux towards the lignan biosynthesis in Linum album hairy roots

Safieh Fakhari, Mohsen Sharifi, Roberto De Michele, Faezeh Ghanati, Naser Safaie, Ehsan Sadeghnezhad
Journal PaperPlant physiology and biochemistry , Volume 135 , 2019 February 1, {Pages 359-371 }


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has been recently found as an important signaling molecule especially in root system architecture of plants. The regulation of root formation through H2S has been reported in previous works; while the profiling of metabolites in response to H2S is not clearly discussed. To this end, different concentrations of sodium hydrosulfide (an H2S donor) were applied to the culture of Linum album hairy roots. Subsequently, the amino acid profiles, soluble carbohydrates, and central intermediates of phenylpropanoid pathway with two branches of lignans and flavonoids were assessed by spectroscopy and high performance liquid chromatography techniques. An analysis of the signaling molecules (nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide, and sal

The role of phenolic compounds in growth improvement of cultured tobacco cells after exposure to 2-D clinorotation

Maryam Soleimani, Faezeh Ghanati, Zahra Hajebrahimi
Journal PaperPlant Physiology , Volume 9 , Issue 4, 2019 August 1, {Pages 2921-2929 }


Previous studies have confirmed that the growth and development of plants are entirely dependent on the gravitational acceleration of the Earth. So far, most of the studies on the plant response to the Earth gravity have focused on the geotropism of root tip of higher plants. Under space and clinorotation conditions, however, plant growth and development are supposed to be modified. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the growth and metabolism of cultured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Burley 21) cells after 1 week continuous treatment with 2-D clinorotation. In these cells, the sensing of gravity and response to it occur in single cells without the involvement of specialized organs or tissues. The contents of phenolic compounds

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K Gharagozli, M Rafi, F Fallahi, S Abadian, B Azimi, B Salarian, A Hamedi, F Ghanati, IA Omarov, RA Huseinova, K Javidnia, R Miri, H Rezai, A Jafari, A Azarmehr, Z Amirghofran, G Kamalinia, A Moosivand, S Shahverdi, HR Monsef, F Attar, Zarrini Gh, AR Shah
Journal PaperJournal Archive , Volume 18 , 2019 January , {Pages }


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Seed germination, antioxidant enzymes activity and proline content in medicinal plant Tagetes minuta under salinity stress

Mohammad Moghaddam, Nasrin Farhadi, Mahmoud Panjtandoust, Faezeh Ghanati
Journal PaperPlant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant Biology , Issue just-accepted, 2019 December 4, {Pages 16-Jan }


In the present study, the effect of salinity on seed germination, free proline, soluble proteins, and sugar contents, as well as antioxidant enzymes activity of Tagetes minuta seedlings were determined. The seeds were treated with five concentrations of NaCl and KNO3 (0, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 mM) at 25/15 ?C temperature under 12-h light/12-h dark photoperiods. According to the results, the germination percentage decreased with increasing salinity rate. The lowest percentage of germination was obtained at 200 mM of NaCl and KNO3. The germination of T. minuta seeds at concentrations above 200 mM of both salts stopped. In all concentrations of NaCl, seed germination percentage was higher in comparison with KNO3. The proline, solubl

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