• دکتری (1388)

    علوم سیاسی - مسائل ایران

    دانشگاه تربیت مدرس،

  • کارشناسی‌ارشد (1382)

    علوم سیاسی

    دانشگاه تربیت مدرس،

  • کارشناسی (1380)

    علوم سیاسی

    دانشگاه شهید بهشتی،

  • فرهنگ سیاسی و سیاستگذاری فرهنگی در ایران
  • منافع ملی جمهوری اسلامی ایران
  • امنیت ملی جمهوری اسلامی ایران

    اخذ گواهی رشته ریاضی و فیزیک (1375)، دانش‌‌آموخته رتبه اول کارشناسی علوم سیاسی، دانشگاه شهید بهشتی (1380)؛ دانش‌‌آموخته رتبه اول کارشناسی‌ارشد علوم‌سیاسی، دانشگاه تربیت‌مدرس (1382)؛ دانش‌آموخته رتبه اول دکترای علوم‌سیاسی (گرایش مسائل ایران)، دانشگاه تربیت‌مدرس (1388)



    Signs of Emergence the Fifth Wave of International Terrorism

    Shahrouz Shariati, Behnam Vakili, Arsalan Ghorbani Sheikhneshin
    Journal PapersNational Security , Volume 10 , Issue 38, 2021 January 20, {Pages Jul-34 }


    Terrorism can be evaluated as acting geopolitics in the Middle East, this phenomenon has been able to gradually increase its influence in the region and to attract new followers from different parts of the world. In recent years, the number of terrorist groups have significantly increased and terrorist activities has now become very important in the Middle East and global security issues. This article using "Trend impact Analysis" as a qualitative method?and the emphasis both on the teaching of the theory of “Totalitarianism” and David Rapoport “The Four Waves of Modern Terrorism”” Theory. post-event field studies in this article, show what is the nature and distinctions of ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) terrorism

    Geopolitical Consequences of Expanding China-Turkey Relations on Iran (Case Study: Interconnecting

    S Mousavi, M Ghaffari, S Shariati
    Journal Papers , , {Pages }


    Sexual violence against women by so-called Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS): protocol for a systematic review

    Shadab Shahali, Shahrooz Shariati, Ali Montazeri
    Journal Papers , Volume 9 , Issue 1, 2020 December , {Pages 06-Jan }


    Violence against women and girls (VAWG) has been significantly increased by the rise of conflict and insecurity in the territories under controlling so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). This review aims to provide an understanding of the consequences of ISIS sexual violence against women. Electronic databases including MEDLINE, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, JSTOR, Web of Science, Scopus, Science Direct, ProQuest, and Google Scholar are searched for the articles published from 2014 to 2020. Then, two reviewers will systematically identify the articles which will meet the inclusion criteria. Using a standard checklist, methodological quality of articles is assessed. The findings will be summarized, and a narrati

    Geopolitical Consequences of Expanding China-Turkey Relations on the Iran

    Sara Mousavi, Masoud Ghaffari, Shahrouz Shariati
    Journal PapersGeopolitics Quarterly , 2020 June 20, {Pages }


    Iran's regional and trans-regional rivals, especially over the past two decades, have been destroying Iran's vast geopolitical opportunities. These efforts have already been pursued with US encouragement and investment in projects such as Trans-Caspian, "Tapi" and the "Habshan–Fujairah" oil pipeline. Now, the People's Republic of China is making similar efforts to thwart Iran's geopolitics. From this point of view, the expansion of China-Turkey economic cooperation in recent years can be seen as a new threat to Iran's geopolitical neutralization. The linking of the Belt and Road project as an important overseas project of the Chinese government with the Middle Corridor as an important Turkish overseas project has in recent years brought t

    Corona Pandemic and Foreign policy of Iran: A Poliheuristic Overview

    Shahrooz Shariati, Amin Yousefi
    Journal PapersResearch Letter of Political Science , Volume 15 , Issue 2, 2020 May 21, {Pages 119-146 }


    The reaction of the world's political leaders to the Covid-19 pandemic is a new one in the international arena, and this pandemic could lead to changes in the foreign policy of countries and international politics. Meanwhile, The Poliheuristic Theory of Decision-Making, represents a leading theoretical effort in Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA), to transcend the divide between cognitive and rationalist approaches to explaining foreign policy decisions. From the point of view of "Poliheuristic" theory, decision-makers, when making complex foreign policy decisions, assess the gains and losses politically, not economically. Using the teachings of Poliheuristic theory and post-event analysis, is shown, the decision-makers of the Islamic Republic o

    Geopolitical analysis of Boko Haram terrorism threat in West Africa

    Majid Rasouli, Shahrouz Shariati
    Journal PapersGeopolitics Quarterly , Volume 16 , Issue 59, 2020 September 22, {Pages 203-228 }


    Extended Abstract?? ?? Introduction Boko Haram is one of the newest terrorist groups in the West African region. due its rapid expansion and the increase in its activities and violence, Boko Haram is the most important terrorist groups in the world after The defeat of ISIS in 2017. Boko Haram's emphasis on violent activities has given to this terrorist group a special character. Boko Haram terrorism, which is more complex than African terrorism not only, have had a high level of violence, but also creating global threat and have ideas for state-building. The group's emphasis on the ideological struggle against the West is another reason that has distinguished this terrorist group in the history of terrorism in West Africa. In other words, w

    Governance and Social Justice in the Islamic Republic of Iran

    Masoud Ghaffari, Shahrooz Shariati
    Journal PapersThe International Journal of Humanities , Volume 26 , Issue 1, 2019 August 10, {Pages 14-28 }


    One of the challenges of the Islamic Republic of Iran during her forty years since the 1979 revolution is the bewilderment for the realization of social justice. Although it is argued that the lack of social justice during the Pahlavi regime finally resulted in the Islamic Revolution, failure in the improvement of social justice indices after the revolution, especially after the end of the war between Iran and Iraq in 1988, has resulted in governance policies that are contrary to social justice. Given that social justice in Iran is not desirable and the current situation in Iran, forty years after the revolution, does not resemble much the ideals of the revolutionary leaders for establishing social justice, the present article, by referring

    The Iran-Iraq War: Geopolitical Economy of the Conflict

    Shahrooz Shariati, Masoud Ghaffari
    Journal Papers , 2019 January , {Pages }


    On September 22, 1980, Iraqi troops under former dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Iran. An almost eight years of war complicated socio-economic and political problems in the region like never before. Strategically, the Iran-Iraq war was one of the worst military encounters of the twentieth century which, apart from others, severely threatened the oil interests of the two countries. In other words, the consequences of the conflict were particularly visible on the political economy as the warring sides, which account for one fifth of the world's oil reserves, failed to achieve their real status in the international arena. As this article intends to show, since the victory of Iran could affect the oil interests of the United States and its hard

    The Representation of Human and Universe in Chinese Language and Culture

    Vajihe Alsadat Pournajafi, Shahrooz Shariati
    Journal Papers , Volume 1 , Issue 1, 2019 August 23, {Pages 53-72 }


    The relationship between the language and the thought in the understanding of universe has been always regarded as one of the long standing intellectual concerns in human sciences, and studying the relationship between these variables has turned into a scientific and academic activity. But according to some theories such as ‘linguistic turn’ and the related criticisms, nowadays, the language has lost its importance as a tool for thought transition and has been presented as a means for shaping and revelation of the outer world. The present article studies the relation between the human and the universe in Chinese language system and focuses on the importance of correlation between the language and the thought based on philosophical and o

    The “Modern Ignorance” and the Implications for the Islamic University

    Shahkooh M Abbasi, SH SHARIATI
    Journal Papers , Volume 23 , Issue 380, 2019 January 1, {Pages 395-414 }


    Objectives: The main purpose of this article is to show the implications of the establishment of Islamic University with an emphasis on the issue of the modern ignorance concept. Method: In present study, this essay is written using an interpretive method based on the theoretical doctrine of text interpretation and discourse analysis. Result: The concepts, culture and university are closely related, from this point of view Islamic university as a semantic system based on the principle of divine spirituality and monotheism, must save contemporary man from neglect and ignorance because the thought of modernity and modernism, like the Arab community, before the advent of Islam, is" ignorance.", And this modern ignorance, which is based on the

    تبارشناسی و برابرنهاد نظریه‌ی جاهلیت مدرن در اندیشه سیاسی آیت‌ا... خامنه‌ای‎

    شریعتی, شهروز, عباسی شاهکوه‎
    Journal Papers , , {Pages }



    Journal Papers , Volume 3 , Issue 1100116, 2017 January 1, {Pages 27-52 }


    Geographical continuities, intraregional requirements, underdevelopment, and energy issue are among the issues which can justify the convergence of the Iran-Iraq economic relations; Iran and Iraq both are among Middle Eastern countries whose fundamentals of power and political legitimacy have been formed on the basis of religion. These two countries have many convergence grounds including Kurds issue, cooperation with OPEC, cultural and religious subjects, and the problem of foreign intervention. But despite the convergence factors, there are some factors such as capturing the regional consumer markets and production and the sale of oil that place the two countries against each other. This article by political economy approach and using a t


    SHAHROUZ SHARIATI, Behnam Vakili
    Journal Papers , Volume 6 , Issue 2252, 2017 January 1, {Pages 41-67 }


    Recent developments in Arabic and Middle Eastern countries, particularly Iraq and Syria have caused a sensitive and critical status in this area. US global hegemony continued to provoke terrorism and other terrorist outfits. Meanwhile the rise of new emergency terrorist group such as ISIS have destabilized the Middle East and entrenched the region as the major source of global terror. Even the more stable states, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, display strong terrorist tendencies and support radical groups that engage in terrorism. Therefore, several major developments in the Middle East will keep the region a wellspring of terror and a source of inspiration for radicals for the foreseeable future. According this article terrorism tries to


    Journal Papers , Volume 7 , Issue 25, 2016 January 1, {Pages 51-75 }


    Recent developments in arabic and middle eastern countries, particularly iraq, has caused a sensitive and critical status in this area., in the other words, us Global hegemony continued to provoke terrorism and other terrorist outfits. Therefore, there is perhaps another interesting aspect to hegemony and terrorism that is not widely acknowledged. If we reflect upon terrorist attacks in Iraq, it is obvious that the military, political, and economic dimensions of us Hegemony figure prominently on its radar screen. It is seldom acknowledged, however, that the aggressive dimension of hegemony has also been a consideration. It may be appropriate at this point to ask: if American hegemony comes to an end, will terrorism also cease to exist? Acor

    The State and the Problematic of Social Control in Iran under 1st Pahlavi

    Shahrooz Shariati, Mahdi Abbasi Shahkuh
    Journal Papers , Volume 1 , Issue 4, 2016 June 14, {Pages 187-219 }


    Purpose:Before the establishment of the Pahlavi Dynasty, the Iranian Society relied on entities and associations that were independent to a significant degree; this paper tries to explain the relations between society of Iran and its antagonistic opposition with the government in in the era of Pahlavi emergence. From this point of view, before the establishment of the Pahlavi Dynasty, the Iranian Society relied on entities and associations that were independent to a significant degree and Social control were prevented by them. In this regard, for example the Shi’i scholars had the opportunity to criticize the governmental actions due to their financial independence and having the mosque tribunes under their control as well as having the e

    دولت و مشکله‌ی کنترل اجتماعی در ایران (1320ـ1304)‎

    شریعتی, شهروز, عباسی شاهکوه‎
    Journal Papers , , {Pages }


    The Confrontation of Violence of Hegemony and Terrorism in Iraq

    Journal Papers , , {Pages }



    Journal Papers , Volume 19 , Issue 162, 2015 January 1, {Pages 75-92 }


    Objectives: Some studies have recognized factors that are effective on development process in Iran. The aim of the present study is to determine the relationship between Non-Cultural attitudes and development achievement goals in Iran during last fifty years.Method: In present study, Case study research is a methodology which can take either a qualitative or quantitative approach. Case study in this article refers to the in depth analysis of some facts about development in last 50 years of Iran contemporary history. In addition, Data analyses are based on describe-analysis method.Result: The concepts, culture and society are closely related, from this point of view, last 50 years policy making for development in Iran not only is based on Ir

    The Strategic Capacity of Iran in the Peaceful Rise Doctrine of China

    Vajihe Sadaat Pournajafi, SHAHROOZ SHARIATI
    Journal Papers , Volume 11 , Issue 3, 2015 January 1, {Pages 139-169 }


    Sino Iranian relations are the product of competing incentives and interests which have evolved over time as policies and geostrategic orientation change. In the past decade, China has become Iran's the main trading partner.


    Journal Papers , Volume 4 , Issue 13, 2015 January 1, {Pages 43-61 }


    The basic tenets of Imam Khomeini's political thought should be ascertained from his approach to the concepts of religion and politics. In the other words, Iranian revolution as the first post-modern revolution of our time selected Islamic teachings as the Constitution. From this perspective can be introduced Iranian revolution as the French Revolution which its breeze, swept not only in France but the entire Christian world, in the other hand this revolution impacted the Islamic discourses and intellectual movements in both Sunni and Shiite and other freedom movement of the world. According this point of view, Imam Khomeini established the Islamic-democratic system despite all opposition by the so-called eastern and western block at that s


    دروس نیمسال جاری

    • دكتري
      مسائل سياسي روز ( واحد)
      دانشکده علوم انسانی، گروه علوم سياسي
    • كارشناسي ارشد
      ژئوپليتيك و مسائل سياست خارجي معاصر ايران ( واحد)

    دروس نیمسال قبل

    • دكتري
      سمينار مسائل ايران ( واحد)
      دانشکده علوم انسانی، گروه علوم سياسي
    • كارشناسي ارشد
      الزامات نوين پژوهش در علم سياست ( واحد)
    • دكتري
      سياست خارجي ايران ( واحد)
    • 1400
      اصغري زرگرابادي, هاجر
      ارزيابي ثبات سياستگذاري در ديپلماسي اقتصادي جمهوري اسلامي ايران (1368-1400)
    • 1397
      سابقي نژاد, رحيم
      نسبت سنجي اقتصاد سياسي و امنيت پايدار در استان سيستان و بلوچستان
    • 1398
      البرزي, سيدرامين
    •  نماينده رياست عالی دانشگاه آزاد اسلامي در هيات‌هاي نظارت بر تشكل‌هاي استان سمنان (1387-1391)
    •  رييس دانشکده علوم انساني دانشگاه آزاد اسلامي شاهرود (1389-1391)
    •  عضو هیات مدیره و مشاور فرهنگي و نمايشگاهي موسسه نمايشگاه‌هاي فرهنگي ايران (1391-1392)
    •  مدير سياستگذاري و برنامه‌ريزي فرهنگي و اجتماعي دانشگاه تربيت مدرس (1391-1400)
      داده ای یافت نشد



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