Public Relations

Public relations management is regarded as the eye, ear and tongue of an organization. This is a comprehensive definition for an active and dynamic public relations. The foundations of a public relations can be built on this important definition. Public Relations, as an art and knowledge, play a crucial role in establishing and facilitating the mutual relationship between the managers and the staff, as a result of which, today few if any organization can survive and succeed in its mission without the service of public relations.

Nowadays, no one denies the vital role played by public relations. All people involved in various sectors such as cultural, political and economic spheres look for "competent public relations" which can assist them in the planning and implementing of future programs and policies. In such conditions, the role of public relations of universities, as the entities in charge of national scientific achievements, is more decisive than other organizations, because due to the multiple-effects it has on political, social and economic layers of a society, it will have its own side-effects consequences in it. TMUs public relations, as a strategic domain, is in charge of safely overcoming such issues. This cannot be realized unless PR enjoys the necessary expertise of qualified managers and staff.

In general, PRs art lies in its ability to identify the outside conditions and potentials and based on those manage and facilitate the internal mission of its respective organization and establish the necessary relationship with the outside environment. In the same line, having an accurate understanding of the organizations system is the first pre-requisite for such an undertaking, an understanding which can lead to the identification of strengths and weaknesses.

TMUs PR as the sole post-graduate university of Iran, aims to create the necessary relationship between the faculty members, staff, students and board of directors.

The public and commercial and industrial centers expect universities to commercialize the alumnas ideas in order to absorb them in research and work areas. TMUs PR as a part of its central responsibility, has successfully managed to provide and communicate information about the performance of all affiliated faculties and research centers of the university to the outside world.

Concerning its internal expectations, one of the main issues dealt with concerns the fulfillment of the missions set out by the board of the directors and the whole university as a single entity. Press Department of TMUs PR is in charge of communicating the news and latest reports to mass media and press. This department constantly sends its news and reports to the major state news agencies. Moreover, in an attempt to communicate the news of the university, PR publishes a monthly news bulletin which covers TMUs news, views and all relevant developments. This news bulletin is sent to all educational centers, state and non-profit universities, and public relations of various organizations.

One of the main missions set for PR concerns the relationship-building role. PR has to take the necessary measures in order to create a bondage between various subsections of the organization and the outside environment. In the same line, PR attempts to actively establish contact with various organizations authorities and obtain their evaluation and opinions about the university.

Making use of opinion polls, surveys and performance evaluation, PR monitors the public and officials speech and communicate the findings to universitys officials.

In the past few years, by establishing close relationships with IRIB, and other cultural and scientific circles, TMUs PR has attempted to introduce its elite scholars and researchers and thus contribute to the production of high-quality programs.

Emphasizing the inter and intra-organizational relationships, PR has managed to come through with flying colors in all areas of its activities. Some of these achievements include: constant and direct contact with TMUs officials, participating in internal conferences and meetings, receiving the activity reports from various faculties and departments, systematic contact with all individuals especially students and faculty members, constant contact with the mass media and press, establishing a friendly relationship between the students, staff and faculty members and the chancellor, holding free discussion forums, reporting the field visits and daily, weekly and monthly meeting, holding press conference, preparing and publishing TMU-related news, statements, notices, etc , monitoring the mass media and press reports which are directly or indirectly related to TMU and providing answers if necessary, documenting the activities, planning the chancellors visit from construction or development projects, inviting government dignitaries to attend various ceremonies especially the inauguration of major projects or magnificent events, taking into account the views of all individuals without their political tendencies, protecting and defending the reputation of the university against all rumors, malevolence, lies, threats, etc. creating friendly relationship among managers and employees, introducing suitable educational models for inter & intra-organizational purposes, producing a promotional film for the university,...

bulletTMU Public Relation Chronicle

Public Relations Department started its work during the presidency of Late. Dr. Eftekhar Husseini in 1988 as a part of chancellors office. At first, PR aimed to communicate the news, holding ceremonies, meetings and seminars, and publishing news bulletins. Ten years later, with substantial expansion in quality and quantity of TMU, the PR attained an independent entity in 1999.
PR has witnessed the management of different individuals in different periods, the names of former managers are listed below:
  • Mr. Ahmad Esfandiyari
  • Mr. Shams-o-din Niknami
  • Mr. Mohammad Rahimi
  • Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Sepehri
  • Mr. Naser Matri
  • Mr. Ali Moeini Badi

bulletTMU Public Relations Department main activities revolve around the following:

  • Preparing reports about the latest events, ceremonies, meetings,
  • Publishing the low and high tender notices
  • Updating and communicating the latest news through TMUs website
  • Holding farewell and valediction ceremonies for former and new managers / officials
  • Participating in and holding the graduation ceremony, teachers day, commemoration of top students, new academic year celebration, etc
  • Coordinating with and relaying the news to mass media and press
  • Monitoring the TMU-related news and reports published in various journals and newspapers and providing answers if necessary
  • Issuing permits for the production of reports and videos about the university
  • Preparing and handing out awards, prizes,
  • Providing photos and videos for ceremonies held at the university