Information for International Students


International students, who seek admission to our M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs, shall refer to TMU International Campus or send emails to:
If you are looking to come as a visiting student, please first find faculty member that is ready to host your visit. Then we will be in charge for the admin. Process.
If you are looking to visit as an IAESTE intern, please see IAESTE
Marking System at TMU:
As a rule of thumb, the following grade mapping can be assumed:
17-20: A, 14-16: B, 12-14: C, 10?12: D, 0-10: F
Grades are out of 20. The passing grade is 10 at B.Sc. (Failing Mark:F), 12 at M.Sc. (Failing Mark:D and below) and 14 (Failing Mark:C and below) at Ph.D. levels.