Information for TMU Academic Staff


Information on inviting foreign researchers

If any of the faculty members wishes to host a faculty member from a foreign institute or university in order to visit and lecture, the following items should be considered:

1- If the guest needs a visa to enter Iran, the host faculty member must
inform the dean of the faculty by an official letter, after referring the application to the office of International Affairs, thereby this administration will apply for a visa. It should be added that the guest may receive the visa at the airport. Please do consider that this application should be submitted to this office at least 45 days prior to the arrival date. Details of the required documents are given here.
Important Note: In the case of British, American and Canadian nationals, visa application must be submitted to the ministry of foreign affairs at least 3 months prior to the date of arrival and cannot be received at the airport.

2-If the guest is already in Iran and his / her visa is supported by another
organization, the host faculty member must inform the dean of the faculty through an official letter. The application will be referred to this office along with the completed Foreign Visitors Meeting Form, thereby necessary coordination with Security Management will be done.

3-Although Travel expenses are generally borne by the host / guest, in
special cases, after inspections done by the office of Vice Chancellor for research, it may be possible to provide some part of the travel finances. For this to take place, an official application letter should be sent from the facultys office to the Vice chancellor for Researchs office for further observations.

Apply for a short-term research opportunity
Each academic year, every faculty member (permanent and impermanent) can use a research mission abroad for only up to 3 months. In this type of mission, unlike a sabbatical leave, there will be no payments from the university and also there will be no limit in terms of quotas (unlike a sabbatical). More details are given in the relevant regulations. To begin the process, please complete the form and send it to the Vice Chancellor for Research through the related Faculty. The request will be reviewed by the University Administration board and the result will be announced.
Important Note: If the duration of the mission is about 1 week, there is no need for a department meeting proceeding (as mentioned in the form) and usually the request, in these cases, will not be sent to the Administration Board unless there is a request for some kind of financial support.

Regulations for cooperating with international scientists in the form of affiliated members of the university
In order to increase collaborations with international scientists and researchers with TMU, the Board of Trustees in 1396(2017) approved a regulation update on faculty member recruitment. According to the current routine, to suggest someone particular as an affiliated faculty member, please do contact the Faculty Affairs Office for more detailed guidance.

MoU template of Tarbiat Modares University to propose to universities abroad. (If the initial version is submitted by the partner university, there is no necessity to use this template)