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Montenegro university professors lecture at the faculty of natural resources and marine sciences

Four lecturers from Montenegro’s universities and ministry of agriculture, delivered speeches on universities and rural development in Montenegro, at the natural resources and marine sciences faculty.

Dr. Velibor Spalevic1 and Dr. Svetislav Popovic2 from Montenegro University, Dr. Goran Skataric3 from the University of Donja Gorica and from agriculture and rural development ministry, engineer Deniz Frljuckic4 lectured on Montenegro, Montenegro national park, the country's agriculture and rural development, and Montenegro University and its faculty members, on April 25-28.

1. Dr.Sc. Velibor Spalevic is professor at the department of geography at the University of Montenegro (2016-2017; 2015-2016), earlier at the biotechnical faculty (faculty of agriculture) of the University of Montenegro. Dr. Spalevic is director of IFAD project coordination unit in Montenegro / rural clustering & transportation project; focusing especially on the economic and rural development, rural policy analysis, feasibility and specific Montenegrin contextual factors of relevance.

2. Popovi? Svetislav is professor and dean of university of Podgorica – Faculty of Architecture. He is expert in urban historiography of Cities and settlements and won several awards (amongst others: Mihailo Radovanovi? and Emilijan Josimovi?) for his professional achievements and exhibitions.

3. Dr. Goran Škataric works at the Faculty of Food Technology, Food Safety and Ecology, University of Donja Gorica. Goran does research in Agricultural Economics, Rural Developement. Goran Škatari? graduated at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Belgrade (Serbia, 1993) at the department of Soil Conservation and his B subject is Soil Conservation/Soil Erosion including irrigation and fertigation.

4. Deniz Frljuckic is Adviser for Information Systems in fisheries at Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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