# Title Employer Year Executor
1 Lean Production Systems Course in collaboration with Asian Production Organization (APO Asian Productivity Organization and Iranian Productivity Organization 1395 Management Studies Center
2 Developing a Model for Organizing and Synergizing the Organizational Capacity of Charities in Iran Alaa Charitable Foundation 1395 Management Studies Center
3 updating and completing of science, technology and innovation according to the science and innovation foresight Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution 1395 Management Studies Center
4 Reviewing and reorganizing the organizational structure of "Iranian State-owned Specialized Trading Company" Iranian Government Trading Company 1395 Management Studies Center
5 Competency Analysis of Jobs and Personnel and Determination of Job-Employee Adaptation in Art University Art university 1395 Management Studies Center
6 Design and formulate strategies and reform management Judicial Research Institute 1396 Management Studies Center
7 Training the Expediency Council Strategic Managers Higher Education Policy Center 1396 Management Studies Center
8 Study and formulation of the Marketing Research Center of Management Studies Center in accordance with the strategic plan routines of Tarbiat Modarres University and its related activities. Trabiat Modares University 1396 Management Studies Center
9 Investigation, Pathology and Suggestions for Formulating General Judicial Policies, Five-Year Period 1396-1400 (Based on Past Policies Review and Looking to the Future) Judicial Research Institute 1396 Management Studies Center
10 Developing Interpersonal Competencies for Mapna Company Experts (Toga) Mapna Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company 1396 Management Studies Center
11 Conducting Railway Studies of the "National Rail of the Islamic Republic of Iran" to Payam Special Economic Zone Territories for Implementation of Dry Port Structure Special Economic Zone and Payam Airport 1396 Management Studies Center