# Title Employer Executor
1 Carry out studies of productivity process plan of Payam airline company Special Economic Zone and Payam Airport Management Studies Center
2 Designed and developed service desk system NISO Management Studies Center
3 Developing Interpersonal Competencies for Mapna Company Experts (Toga) Mapna Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company Management Studies Center
4 Designing and modifying the processes and methods of work in the headquarters of Iranian state trading company according to world standards Iranian Government Trading Company Management Studies Center
5 Process Reengineering and Improvement of Work Processes in Small Industries and Industrial Estates of Iran and Subsidiaries Based on BPMN v2 Modeling Standard Tehran Industrial Estates Co. Management Studies Center
6 Studies of users of public libraries of the country National Public Libraries Institute Management Studies Center
7 Designing Business Model for Rural and Tribal Women Micro Credit Cooperatives Specialized parent company of Investment Promotion Fund (in agricultural sector) Management Studies Center
8 Design, Architecture, and Engineering Eco System of Future Social Security Organization Based on Cloud Computing Paradigm Higher Social Security Research Institute Management Studies Center