bullet About us

Center for Cultural and Religious Studies (CCRS), affiliated to Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) is established in 2002 at Tarbiat Modares University (the only public university offering exclusively postgraduate studies in the country).

The center is composed of 20 full-time chair professors and 120 affiliated professors coming from different departments and who are actively involved in developing research projects and educational programs. The center openly welcomes as well, a large number of Ph.D. students and graduates of related disciplines who have enthusiastically entered in our scientific network, seeking unanimously to respond to the scientific and research needs in the field of religious culture & thought at national level.

bullet Constitution

In order to fulfill some of the requirements of the Ministry of Science, Research &Technology, and to help covering up the research needs in the field of cultural & religious thought studies, the Center for Cultural and Religious Studies affiliated to Tarbiat Modares University, which is hereby briefly referred to as the ?Center?, is officially established and therefore, all affairs will be governed according to this constitution.

bullet Aims

The Center's aim is to research in various fields related to religious culture and thought.

bullet Scope

1. Studying and identifying the needs and priorities of the country in the field of religious culture & thought;

2. Carrying out the research projects required by the country in the field of religious culture, thought and morality by effectively utilizing the university scientific outcomes and research facilities;
3. Providing scientific consulting services in the field of religious culture and thought to organizations and public and/or private sector institutions;
4. Establishing active and constructive communication with other institutes and scientific centers and research communities both inside and outside the country in the framework of the terms and conditions;
5. Developing a good communication with scholars, philosophers and specialists within the country's scientific and research centers (university and seminary) and providing the necessary facilities to achieve the center's aims;
6. Creating discussion circles and dialogue among scholars and experts and holding scientific meetings and conferences at the national and international levels;
7. Publishing the results of conducted researches and studies in the form of scientific journal, book and digital archives, etc. in the framework of laws and regulations;
8- Holding short-term workshops and training courses in order to train specialists in the field of religious culture & thought.