Nowadays research is essential for economical and social plan so that decreases the costs of building, restoration, maintenance and optimize operation management from transportation system required innovation, use of new technology in all component of transportation system including the road, the railroad, the aviation, the maritime.

The message of the head of department:

Growing struggle for functionalizing new scientific achievement in industry of the road and transportation, identification and eliminate prioritized needs along with perspective document is one of the main goals in this department.
Organizing scientific academic ability, educating the youths as experts and soldiers of development, recognizing challenges and needs and targeted planning to eliminate them, create a cheerful place for research, developing scientific international connection, recognizing new technology are duties of this department.
Based on 20-year perspective document for Iran , we wants our dear country be pioneering science among the middle east countries .
Huge goals in this department considering general policy as follows:

  • Recognizing problems of transportation and road construction industry and defining and their research topics.
  • Doing research, practical, and development plans with stable outlook and in the direction of construction.
  • Specialist and committed personnel training
  • Science publication and upgrade knowledge level of country engineering society including consulting engineering, contractor, supervisor.
  • Conduct scientific advisory services and in all fields of engineering, road and transportation.

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