Persian language and literature research center depends on Tarbiat Modares University which is called »center« in this association. The center is established on 10/8/78 based on the decree NO. 16315 and its works are managed according to this association.

bullet Article 1- goal

Center's goal is to enhance scientific and investigative activities in Persian language and literature field and to provide appropriate fields and plans in order for Iranian language and culture expansion and propagation.

bulletArticle 2- place of activity

The center's main place of activity is in Tehran which can have other branches in other parts of the country in case of necessity and with regard to the Islamic Republic of Iran's rules.

bulletArticle 3- duties

  • Studying and investigating about Iranian languages, Persian literature and other dependent disciplines
  • Correction and publication of Persian language and literature texts
  • Translating Persian literary and Iranian culture works to other languages
  • Translating researchers' works about Persian language and literature, Iranology, and disciplines which are dependent to Persian language
  • Conducting reference books, pedagogical and supplementary pedagogical lessons for Persian language and literature, and bilingual dictionaries
  • Making a scientific information bank in Persian language and literature field
  • Making scientific and theoretical contact with assemblies, education and research centers of Persian language and literature, Iranology, and other dependent disciplines around the world
  • Accepting professors and researchers demanding study opportunities
  • Holding short-term pedagogical terms for Persian language and literature in Iran
  • Holding abroad pedagogical terms in cooperation with universities in the host countries
  • Holding congress and scientific and investigative meetings in national and international levels
  • Scientific publications
  • Providing scientific counseling, educational thesis acceptance and guidance services for students of Persian language and literature major in the country or abroad
  • Studying and investigating about instructional approaches, Persian language, and literature expansion in the country and abroad
  • Essential cooperation with intra investigative centers which have similar duty explanation to the center

bulletArticle 4- pillars

The center has three pillars:

  • Board of trustees
  • director
  • Scientific council

bullet Article 5- board of assembly

The center's board of assembly is the university's board of assembly. They have the right to vote in decision- making appointments about center, director and the secretary of scientific council.

bulletArticle 6- the way to determine the center's director

The director is determined among the members of the scientific board of the center's scientific groups (preferably the members of the scientific board of Tarbiat Modares University) suggested by the center's scientific council, approved by the director of the coordination council of investigative centers of humanities (the dean's plenipotentiary representative in centers' works), and selected by the dean's decree for three years.

bulletArticle 7- the director's responsibility

  • Managing and directing the center according to the association and regulations of the university
  • Choosing and suggesting the secretary, members of scientific council, and managers of the investigative groups and introducing them to the dean in order to issue the decree by coordination council director of investigative centers
  • Choosing and issuing decree for other managers and staffs of the center based on authorized composition
  • the suggestion of Scientific board members after scientific council authorization
  • signing all the agreements and national and official documents
  • setting annual and narrow budget and plans
  • suggesting organizational graph (compositional chart) of the center to the dean
  • providing annual performance report
  • pursuing the instructional and investigative coordination and providing studying chance in the frame of center's duties
  • Introducing and suggesting in order to issue scientific and executive members' decree of seminars and publications to the dean

bulletArticle 8- the composition of scientific council center

The scientific council members of the center who are determined for two years by center's director selection, director of coordination council approval, and dean's decree, are:

  • The coordination council's director of humanities investigative centers of the university
  • The director of center (council's director)
  • Center's secretary (secretary of the council)
  • The Persian language and literature group manager of Tarbiat Modares University (member)
  • Three persons among the investigative group managers of the center (member)
  • Two to four persons of scientific board members (member)

bulletArticle 9- the scientific council duties of the center

  • Considering and authorizing the investigative plans of the center
  • Considering and authorizing the investigative works based on procedure authorized by center publication
  • The suggestion of seminars and publications scientific board members to the director center
  • Considering and authorizing the studying opportunities
  • Considering and suggesting scientific board members employment
  • Observing the scientific activities of the center
  • Authorizing the procedures of the center

bulletArticle 10- financial and transactional regulations

Regarding to financial regulations, the center is involved in university's financial and transactional procedure and higher educational and investigative institutions depending on science, research, and technology organizations.

bulletArticle 11- employment regulation

Regarding the employment regulations and the selection method (scientific and general) and promotion, the scientific board members of the center follow the practical regulations of science, research, and technology organizations.

bullet Article 12- center breakup

The center breakup is possible by scientific council's suggestion, dean's approval, board of trustees' approval, and the authorization of higher education improvement council.

bulletArticle 13- the center's properties

In case of breaking up, the assets and properties will be transferred to Tarbiat Modares University after paying off all the debts.

bulletArticle 14- the association correction

Any change in provisions of the association is possible by scientific council's suggestion, dean's approval, board of trustees' approval, and the authorization of higher education improvement council.

bullet Article – authorization

This association is authorized in articles by Tarbiat Modares University's board of trustees on date ……………., and on date …………… is authorized by the higher education improvement council.