Persian Language and Literature Research Center is one of the research centers in Tarbiat Modares University which was established in 1378 in order to expand the scientific activities and research in Persian literature and language fields and to provide appropriate fields and plans for Persian language and literature and Iranian-Islamic culture education, research, expansion and propagation. Most of the centers activities are fundamental and practical.


  • Studying and investigating about Iranian languages, Persian literature and other dependent disciplines
  • Correction and publication of Persian language and literature texts
  • Translating Persian literary and Iranian culture works to other languages
  • Translating researchers works about Persian language and literature, Iranology, and disciplines which are dependent to Persian language
  • Conducting reference books, pedagogical and supplementary pedagogical lessons for Persian language and literature, and bilingual dictionaries
  • Making a scientific information bank in Persian language and literature field
  • Making scientific and theoretical contact with assemblies, education and research centers of Persian language and literature, Iranology, and other dependent disciplines around the world
  • Accepting professors and researchers demanding study opportunities
  • Holding short-term pedagogical terms for Persian language and literature in Iran
  • Holding abroad pedagogical terms in cooperation with universities in the host countries
  • Holding congress and scientific and investigative meetings in national and international levels
  • Scientific publications
  • Providing scientific counseling, educational thesis acceptance and guidance services for students of Persian language and literature major in the country or abroad
  • Studying and investigating about instructional approaches, Persian language, and literature expansion in the country and abroad
  • Essential cooperation with intra investigative centers which have similar duty explanation to the center

bulletGeneral goals

  • Establishing appropriate fields for improvement and expansion of Persian language and literature research
  • Protecting from Persian language and literature as the most important factor of national integration
  • Pathology and national identity reinforcement
  • Coordination in conduction and compilation of lesson and side books related to Persian language and literature major
  • Contact with educational and investigating centers related to Persian language and literature in Iran and abroad in academic levels
  • Need-analysis and answering to the research and survey needs in Persian language and literature fields
  • Scientific counseling in research advancement

Centers directors from the beginning up to now:

  1. Dr. Saeed Bozorg Bigdeli (1378)
  2. Dr. Qolamosein Qolamhoseinzade (1379-1380
  3. Dr. Naser Nikubakht (1381-1384)
  4. Dr. Ebrahim Khodayar (17/1/1385- 1394)
  5. Dr. Hassan Zolfaqari (1394 up to now)

bullet Perspective

Persian language and literature research center declares its plans during the next five years according to the association and the defined goals and citizenship department agreement:

bullet Human resources

  • Four members of scientific board according to the suggested organizational chart to composition staffs for 3 active groups of center; includes:
    • Persian language group
    • Persian literature group
    • Literary criticism and comparative literature
  • Two investigative master according to the organizational chart
  • appealing and teaching the part-time researchers up to 30 persons
  • Coordinating with scientific board members of other universities in Iran and participate them in research projects
  • Identifying and using elites of the country in Persian language and literature fields