Research Groups

•	Persian language study group
• Persian language study group

Applying fundamental and practical plans in Persian language area Activity fields: standard language, language and computer, lexicography, historical studies of Persian language, write and edit, Persian language teaching, spoken language, grammar, dialectology, translation techniques, Persian language pathology in cyber, conducting practical language grammar for Persian learners (beginning level), conducting proficiency test for Persian language (zero phase), Persian language corpuses review (zero phase). The group manager: Dr. Hayat Ameri The group members: Dr. Zahra Abbasi, Dr. Mahmoud Bakhtiari, Dr. Sepideh Abdolkarim

•	Persian literature studies group
• Persian literature studies group

Activity fields: classical literature (lyrics, deductive, epics, mystics), modern literature, Islamic revolutionary literature, folklore, fiction, literary research out of the geographical barriers of Iran, literary text correction. The director of the group: Dr. Khadijeh Hajian Group members: Dr. Naser Kikubakht, Dr. Zahra Hayati, Dr. Hassan Zolfaqari

Literary criticism and comparative literature group
Literary criticism and comparative literature group

Activity fields: literary criticism, comparative literature, sociology of literature, literary theories of stylisticsThe director of group: Dr. Ebrahim KhodayarGroup members: Dr. Khalil Parvini, Dr. Hamid Reza Shairi, Dr. Hassan Zolfaqari