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Knowledge Courses

  1. Urban rights and urbanization regulations
  2. An introduction to designing environment and landscape
  3. A debate on parks and open spaces
  4. Urban management and planning
  5. Culture and recreational management
  6. Urban service management
  7. Urban plans and programs
  8. Urban transportation systems
  9. Urban Information Systems
  10. Improvement and renovation of worn-out urban textures
  11. Designing urban spaces and parks
  12. Local councils and their responsibilities
  13. Public Relations
  14. The essentials of design planning for urban infrastructure
  15. Administration of cities
  16. An introduction to GIS (Geographic Information System)
  17. Designing urban spaces and parks
  18. Urban planning
  19. Article 136 of the Third Development Plan
  20. Urban environment
  21. An introduction to GIS and its applications
  22. Operational budgeting in municipalities (more than 20 cases)
  23. Urban solid wastes
  24. Public participation in plans and programs
  25. An introduction to master, comprehensive, structural and strategic plans
  26. IT and its role in the cities
  27. Informal habitation and informal urban economy
  28. The fundamentals and framework for comprehensive management of disasters
  29. planning for prevention of natural disasters
  30. Preparation planning against disasters
  31. Appropriate reaction against disasters
  32. Post-disaster reconstruction planning
  33. Fuzzy logic and regression models
  34. Artificial neural networks
  35. Genetic Algorithm (GA)
  36. Hybrid methods (ANN, fuzzy, and GA)
  37. Projection methods (ESR, ARIMA)
  38. Computable General Equilibrium (CGE)
  39. Numerical taxonomy and analysis of principal components
  40. Urban economics and urban planning
  41. An introduction to E-views
  42. Environmental economic assessment of urban projects
  43. Modern methods in urban management
  44. Urban management (theoretical foundations and Turkey practice)
  45. New approaches to municipality budget
  46. Principles and methods of cost accounting (with an emphasis on application in municipalities)
  47. Strategic planning in municipalities
  48. Methods of developing revenue resources of municipalities and financing of urban projects
  49. Designing urban spaces
  50. The impact of targeted subsidies on the budgets of municipalities
  51. Economic crusade (Jihad) in Urban Management
  52. Health economics
  53. Cost management and operational budgeting
  54. Fundamentals and operational workshop of comprehensive and detailed plans
  55. The elementary course of theoretical and practical teaching of performance management and evaluation