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Articles of Association


In order to accomplish part of the research-oriented objectives assigned to Tarbiat Modares University and help address Irans economic research needs, Economic Research Institute of Tarbiat Modares University (hereinafter referred to as Research Institute) was established based on the substantive agreement No. 22/6748 dated Feb. 5th, 1995, with its affairs governed under the following articles of association

Research Fields

  • Islamic economy
  • Iranian economy and development
  • Research economy
  • Agricultural economy
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Hidden economy
  • Economics of energy
  • Engineering economy

bulletArticle 1. Aim

The Research Institute aims at conducting research in different fields of economics.

bulletArticle 2. Site of Activity

The activities are planned to be performed in Tehran, Iran.

bulletArticle 3. Tasks

  • Doing fundamental, developmental and applied research in various fields of social and economic affairs and the related contexts;
  • Offering academic and technical consultancy services in line with ERI goals;
  • Identifying and analyzing different academic and research gaps and optimal utilization of the existing facilities for planning needful research proposals;
  • Taking the necessary measures for applying the research findings;
  • Providing the necessary equipment and facilities needed by research plans and programs;
  • Identifying, analyzing, and meeting the research needs of production, service, and administration sectors;
  • Establishing an active and constructive relationship with other institutes and research and academic communities inside and outside the country following the related rules and regulations;
  • Establishing an appropriate relationship and coordinating with experts and innovators in scientific and Research Institutes and providing necessary facilities in order for supporting research process;
  • Utilizing the latest research findings and scientific advances within all phases of research for realizing the objectives of research programs;
  • Offering short-term courses for managers and experts of different executive organizations.

bulletArticle 4. Basic Elements

  1. Board of trustees
  2. Dean
  3. Research council

A. Board of trustees

Board of trustees of the Research Institute shall be the same as the board of trustees of the university with predefined tasks.

B. Dean

Dean of the Research Institute shall be assigned by the chancellor of the university through an official executable statement. He/she shall be a faculty member of the university.

Deans obligations

  • Administration and guidance of the Research Institute toward improved performance of its objectives within the framework of the current Articles of Association and related regulations and procedures.
  • Proposing nominees for vice presidency and other official administrations of the Research Institute to the chancellor of the university based on pre-adopted organizational chart.
  • Signing, in behalf of the Research Institute, contracts and financial and administrative documents within the framework of applicable regulations and procedures.
  • Preparing annual budget of the Research Institute in detail.
  • Proposing the annual budget to corresponding authorities.
  • Surveilling good performance of research plans
  • Proposing organizational chart of the Research Institute to the board of trustees.
  • Presenting an annual performance report to the board of trustees.

C. Research council

1. Composition

  • Head of the research council
  • Deputy of research (secretary of the research council)
  • Up to 7 faculty members in related fields shall be assigned based on proposals by heads of research groups and the dean of the Research Institute, through an official executable statement issued by the chancellor of the university.

Note: At least one of the above-mentioned members of the council shall be selected from external researchers and/or experts.

2. Rights and obligations

  • Adopting research plans
  • Preparing scientific programs of the research council
  • Surveilling the publication of scientific and research publications of the Research Institute
  • Investigation of equipment, publication, scientific, and research needs of the Research Institute
  • Setting general policies of the Research Institute in relation to scientific collaborations with other training and Research Institutes within the scope of Iranian laws and regulations

bullet Article 5

In terms of financial regulations, the Research Institute shall be governed by the Financial and Trading Regulations for Universities, Higher Education Institutions, and Research Institutes Administered by Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.

bulletArticle 6

In terms of employment regulations and (general and scientific) qualification procedure, the faculty members of the Research Institute shall be governed by the research regulations adopted by Ministry of Culture and Higher Education.

bullet Article 7

The Research Institute may be liquidated upon such proposal by board of trustees and subject to approval of the proposal by Higher Education Development Council.

bullet Article 8

In case of liquidation, remaining properties and assets of the Research Institute (after settlement of liabilities) shall be transferred to Tarbiat Modares University.

bulletArticle 9

Any amendment to the provisions of these articles of association may be made upon such proposal by board of trustees and subject to approval of the proposal by Higher Education Development Council. With a total of nine (9) articles and two (2) notes, the present Articles of Association was approved by the Office of Development of Universities on March 17th, 1997.