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Library of the Economic Research Institute (ERI) of Tarbiat Modares University has started serving interested researchers since its establishment in the early 1990s. Entire space of the library of the Economic Research Institute is composed of various parts: lending desk, book stacks, technical services, information board, and reading area, all of which are fit into a centralized arrangement.

The library is administered using Simorgh Software which provides the visitors with an opportunity to search and retrieve the references listed on the library. The library is further equipped with web-based search engine which can be employed by downloading the Simorgh Software from the dedicated page to the central library of the university.

bulletScope of topics

Major topics for which references can be found in the library are as follows:

  • Economics and related fields of study
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias

bulletReference stacks

  • Printed versions of more than 500 titles in English
  • A total of 400 research plans
  • More than 600 domestic and foreign dissertations
  • About 100 general-purpose and expert journals in the periodicals

bulletSystem and classification

The books are arranged based on the classification proposed by the Library of Congress (LOC), with the book stack designed based on an open-shelf system.

bulletSections of the library

ERI library is made up of five sections: lending desk, resource organization, information center, dissertations, and periodicals.

bulletLending desk

This section is responsible for serving members of the library (including faculty members, researchers, students, and staff). All steps of the lending process are performed through a computerized system.

bulletResource organization

Based on predefined objectives for this section, available resources and information material of the faculty are organized and prepared in this section.
Among others, the followings are some of the activities performed in this section:
Indexing, classification, and preparing all sources available at the library.

bulletInformation center

The following services are provided in this section:

  • Training the visitors on how to use available databases;
  • Training trainees on how to use reference electronic sources and databanks; and
  • Communicating up-to-date information to the members of the library.


In total, the library hosts more than 350 domestic dissertations belonging to the university along with 250 dissertations prepared by individuals beyond the university. The dissertations can be accessed only with the librarian permission.


The periodicals available at the library include scientific-research and scientific-promotional journals along with general-purpose magazines. Visitors upon presenting a valid ID card can access the periodicals with the librarian permission.