From the very beginning, when it is established, the Tarbiat Modares University attracted the PhD students in Petrology. 21 PhD degrees in Petrology have been awarded, the recipient of which are all the academic staff of Iranian Universities now. In 2002 the Tarbiat Modares University was granted the Ministry of Sciences? permission to establish the Master degree in Petrology; the first students entered Master program in 2003. Since then 52 Master degrees in Petrology have been awarded. The Petrology group at the moment has two academic staff at the rank of Associate Professor. Eleven PhD students and ten Master students are currently enrolled as full time candidates. Five PhD students are ready to submit their Thesis, two are in their 7th semester, and two in their 3th semester. Five Master students are in their 4th semester and five are in their 2nd semester. The petrology group, in collaboration with distinguished international earth scientist and by employing the most advanced analytical facilities available worldwide, is focused on some of the most critical issues in Iranian Geology.