Atomic Molecular Physics


Atomic and Molecular Physics Group, as an affiliation of Physics Department at the Faculty of Basic Sciences of Tarbiat Modares University began its activity in 1992. Since the establishment of this department, it has succeeded in educating a large number of postgraduate students. At present, this group has 5 full-time faculty members. Currently, 103 graduate students and 30 Ph.D. students have graduated in this group, and 19 graduate students and 27 Ph.D. students are also studying in this group.
The Atomic and Molecular Physics deals with education and research in various fields of laser-matter interaction and its applications, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, Raman and SERS spectroscopy, electrochemical and optical biosensors, photodynamic therapy, fabrication, structural investigation of nanostructures and aerogels, medical and industrial applications of nuclear technology, supercapacitors, computational quantum chemistry, femtosecond and attosecond phenomena, laser ablation, hybrid organic-inorganic material for next generation optoelectronic devices, disordered media and new gain materials are among the most important and relevant topics covered in this group. The fields of research in this group is also inherently multi-disciplinary, and members of the Atomic and Molecular Physics Group have developed close collaborations with faculty in condensed matter physics, interdisciplinary science and technology, biological sciences, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering. This group with its advanced laboratories is one of the active departments of the university.