Economic Geology


The Department of Economic Geology has been admitting master students since 1991 and it started offering doctorate programs in 2004. The research topics of the department were mainly related to MVT, VMS, Sedex, Skarn, Porphyrine deposits, orogenic gold deposits, epithermal, associated with intrusive bodies, as well as geochemical and isotopic studies. Due to the close cooperation with the geological and mineral exploration organization of the country, this department has used the experts and senior specialists of those organizations in teaching and research, and has enjoyed the facilities of their consultancy and equipment so far. In the holding of a doctoral degree, he has also benefited from service of distinguished professors, especially Tarbiat Moallem University. The Department of Economic Geology enjoys 2 full-time faculty members and is also supported by 7 guest professors.
The development and evolution of neotethys -from opening to subduction and collision and tension- has formed a variety of tectonic specific tensile mineralization in Iran such as Mesiocells, Sedex, MVT, orogenic gold, Carlin associated with intrusive masses, which should be studied by academics and geoscientists.
A look at the results of thesis written in the last 10 years on Sanandaj-Sirjan and Urumieh-Dokhtar areas illustrates this concern. Therefore, the Department of Economic Geology intends to focus its activities on areas related to Sanandaj-Sirjan and Urmia-Dokhtar igneous belt, and in this regard, it closely cooperates with professors from universities inside and outside the country (including universities in Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, China, Japan and New Zealand).