Due to the importance of addressing Irans water problems from different scientific aspects, Water Engineering and Management Research Institute , affiliated to Tarbiat Modares University was established in four specialized departments; Hydraulics, Hydroinformatics, Environment, and Water Resources in January 2003, as the first multifaceted research institute specialized in the field of national water engineering. This institute enjoys the cooperation of more than 40 distinguished researchers from academic staff and tens of researchers and specialists of non-academic staff working in water and sanitation industry, and is the first research institute specialized in water engineering that succeeded in obtaining the final approval of the Council for Higher Education Expansion of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


RIWEM is as an innovative research institute which provides holistic solutions to national water-related challenges through conducting applied research and positive interaction with policymakers in order to strengthen the national scientific capacity, develop human resources, and to play an active role in policymaking for sustainable water resources management.


RIWEM is seeking to becoming a reference and pioneer research institute in the MENA region within a ten-year horizon through conducting applied research, science communication, knowledge generation, and improving international collaborations.

Objectives and Ideals of Water Engineering and Management Research Institute

  • Conducting fundamental and developmental research projects
  • Performing scientific and technical consulting services
  • Investigating, identifying and meeting the countrys study and research needs
  • Active and constructive relationship with other institutes and executive organizations, scientific-research communities both inside and outside the country
  • Identifying and presenting new technologies
  • Producing and developing specialized software programs
  • Publishing scientific findings
  • Holding workshops, seminars and specialized courses

Water Engineering Research Institute as a notable center in interdisciplinary water research, it has prioritized the following activities: production and transfer of modern and relevant technologies in the field of water engineering, resolving real problems of industry and technology, advancing the frontiers of knowledge, and establishing a strong relationship with industry and national and international centers.

The Research Institutes Fields of Activity

  • Hydraulics of flow
  • Hydraulics of sediment
  • Flood engineering
  • River engineering
  • Hydraulic modelsHydraulics of sea
  • Shore engineering
  • Hydraulic structuresWater resources engineering and management
  • Water and soil conservation engineering
  • Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Surface-water hydrology
  • Environmental hydraulics
  • The application of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing technology in water engineering.

The Organizational Chart of Water Engineering Research Institute