July 29, 2018 2018/07/29 934

Waste Sorting Plan at TMU Campus

In the 18th session of TMU Strategic Planning Council which was held on July, 20th, Dr. Arash Rezaee, the project manager referred to the activities carried out at the Environmental Health Engineering Department and said:” In the field of safety, the rescue plan for the first floor of medical faculty, was prepared as a model. In the field of environment and waste management, good practices are now in progress. Waste sorting plans were initially carried out in the Health Environment department, then at the Faculty of Medicine and in phase three, this plan will be executed in all faculties by January 2018.
Referring to the main objectives of this plan, he said:” we pursue several goals by this project including: modeling education and promoting a culture of waste sorting at the origin, turning the medical building NO.5 into a green building, attracting public participation and encouraging teamwork practices, enhancing scientific and executive communication with municipality and earning money.”
He stated:” The total cost in the transmitting waste area in 2017, was 670 million Rials, which should be converted from waste to income.”
He considered the increase in interdepartmental and inter-member cooperation, increasing the morale of individuals in protecting environment, increasing the sensitivity to the importance of waste management, reducing the amount of generated waste in the building, and turning the cost into revenue on waste management as the achievements of this plan.
Dr. Fasihpour, the Secretary General of the Council, while pointing to the previous resolutions of Strategic Council of the Green Management, stated: “The Green Management Budget has been allocated, and we need to be able to advance our plans and prioritize them according to the budget.”
Referring to the holding of exhibition on the executive achievements of universities, educational and research institutes, and science and technology parks in the field of Green Management in the Planning and Budget Organization from November 18th to 21th, he asked the Strategic Council of the Green Management and the chairmen of the committees to prepare their applicable programs in their area for presenting at the exhibition.
In this meeting, members discussed various issues, including the prevention of overdoing, better coordination between departments, purchase of waste bins, water saving methods, the installation of electricity meters and the application of other universities’ experiences for the dumping of dangerous chemical wastes.