November 28, 2017 2017/11/28 2713

TMU is to sign a MOU with Saint Petersburg University, Dr Ahmadi:

Returning from the third top universities of Iran and Russia conference held in Moscow, Dr. Ahmadi expressed hope that a MOU will soon be signed between TMU and ST Petersburg University.

Returning from the third top universities of Iran and Russia conference held in Moscow, Dr. Ahmadi expressed hope that a MOU will soon be signed between TMU and ST Petersburg University.
Referring to the strategic and long-lasting policy of Russian top universities to cooperate with their Iranian counterparts which has begun since two years ago, Dr. Ahmadi said that due to the scientific capabilities of both countries especially in academic areas, the Russian welcomed the proposal for joint collaboration, and it was decided that the chancellors of top universities convene in their respective capitals each year.
He added that the meeting which was organized by Victor Sadovnichy, the chancellor of Moscow State University, was attended by senior officials from the Russian ministry of science and research, professors from major universities of Russia, experts in Russian Aerospace, and the chancellors of top Iranian universities at the central auditorium of Moscow University. The participants discussed the mutual interest points and ways to promote bilateral academic ties in this two-day meeting.
Dr. Ahmadi also spoke about a new ranking plan for Asian universities, a new ranking system which intends to make use of criteria different from those employed by major western or Asian universities. This system will use an independent ranking system for the monitoring and assessment of universities in Asia. The University of Moscow will soon start the ranking procedure and the universities of Iran will also be involved in it.
Dr. Ahmadi also referred to the negotiations held with three top universities of Russia and said the initial steps for the signing of an agreement with St Petersburg University in the areas of urban planning, mathematics, international relations and several other disciplines had been taken. The final draft of the agreement will soon be signed.
Dr. Ahmadi referred to the outstanding achievements of Saint Petersburg University and mentioned that 8 Nobel Laureates were the alumni of this university. St Petersburg is a university mostly known for its active role in modern technologies and it enjoys the same ranking like that of Moscow University.
Dr. Ahmadi expressed hope that practical collaboration between TMU and two top universities of St. Petersburg in the form of student and academics exchange will begin at the end of the current year.
Referring the negotiations with the chancellor of Medical Sciences University of Moscow he added: “since TMU is one of the top universities of Iran which offers basic medical courses, we also held some talks with relevant officials for the opening of new relations with them”.
Dr. Ahmadi referred to the last year visit of academic staff of TMU’s medical faculty to Moscow’s Medical University and added: “the visiting academics got familiar with the facilities, equipment and scientific activities and evaluated the possibility for conducting joint research projects. Therefore, to start joint scientific collaboration in medical sciences especially interdisciplinary fields, it will be a good choice”.
Concerning the expansion of scientific cooperation with Russia, Dr. Ahmadi emphasized that TMU has focused its activities on certain universities and pursues special projects. One of the other universities which TMU has taken the initial steps to cooperate with is Kazan Federal University, and currently both universities are engaged in many joint research projects
At the end, Dr. Ahmadi noted that in order to boost bilateral scientific and academic ties with Russia, TMU has chosen to have close collaboration with Saint Petersburg University, Mining University of Saint Petersburg, Moscow Medical University and Kazan Federal University. He expressed hope that these joint cooperation will be realized in near future.