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A Delegate from Normandy University Visit TMU

A Delegate from Normandy University Visit TMU

A delegate from the university of Normandy and its Management School attended TMU on Nov. 15th. The visiting delegate held talks with some faculty members of the faculties of management, economy, electrical and computer engineering.

During this meeting which was held in the council hall of the management and economy faculty and with the attendance of Dr. Rosenburger from the university of Normandy, Dr, Pilvin, the development officer of the university of Normandy school of management, Dr. Omid Vatani one of the economic activists of Normandy and Dr. Khaji the manager of TMU’s International Scientific Collaboration Office, the two parties discussed issues of joint interest.

Referring to the visiting delegate, Dr. Rosenburger stated that the purpose of the attendance of French delegation in Iran was to identify the potentials for closer cooperation between the two universities. He said the University of Normandy is a large university with 66000 students in 6 educational departments enjoying the service of 2300 professors and researchers involved in scientific, educational and scholarly activities.

Dr. Pilvin mentioned the history of management school of Normandy in France and added that the school was founded in 1872 and is the oldest school of management in France and throughout Europe and it has more than 3000 students, 81 faculty members and 4 educational departments. The school is well-known for its logistics system management specifically in port related activities.

In this meeting, Dr. Bahram Sahabi the deputy of Academic Affairs and Dr. Sha’aban Elahi, the deputy of research of the management and economy faculty briefly talked about the faculty and the educational departments and some of the potential areas for joint cooperation such as offering sabbatical leaves to students and faculty members, transferring technology, joint researches and exchange of students and academia. Afterwards each of the attending professors talked about the educational and scholarly activities of their own subordinate departments and the appealing areas for joint cooperation.