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International Conference on Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention

The international conference on restorative justice and crime prevention will be held on May, 17, 18, 2016 at Shaheed Chamran Auditorium of TMU.

International Conference on Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention

The international conference on restorative justice and crime prevention will be held on May, 17, 18, 2016 at Shaheed Chamran Auditorium of TMU.
This conference offers a unique opportunity for dialogue and discussion of issues related to restorative and preventative measures taken at domestic and local cultures, the expansion of the culture of restorative justice in legal systems, the identification of the restorative capabilities and familiarization with international practices used for crime prevention purposes. Faculty members, students, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists and scholars active in restorative justice and crime prevention areas will hold talks on relevant issues. More information about this conference can be found on the following website: http://tmurj.com


New Dean for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering appointed

Dr. Ahmadi, TMU chancellor, in a decree appointed Dr. Mazaheri as the dean of mechanical engineering faculty. He also sent a letter of appreciation to Dr. Hojat for his honest and endless efforts during his service.

It needs to be noted that Dr. Mazaheri, the newly-appointed dean, holds a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering and he has graduated from McGill University in Canada. The publication of 37 papers in accredited science and research journals and serving as the assistant for academic affairs of mechanical engineering faculty are some of the academic and executive achievements of Dr. Mazaheri.


Jogging and walking held at TMU on Health Week

On the occasion of the Health Week, the Deputy Office for Socio-cultural Affairs in close collaboration with Students’ Scientific Association held a jogging and walking event at TMU. The members of the administrative board, faculty members, students and staff attended this sports and entertainment event.

This event started at 7.30 from the Medical Faculty and after one hour ended in the gym of the university. Concerning the motto of this year’s Health Week which is “how to fight off diabetes”, Dr. Ghofranipour, faculty member of the Medical Sciences Faculty, gave a speech on diabetes prevention and treatment, moreover, leaflets on diabetes were also handed out among participants.

At the end of this event, some participants were selected randomly and offered presents. A healthy breakfast consisting of traditional Iranian soup, bread and cheese and apple was served to the participants of this event.


A MOU signed between TMU and Chinese Gouangzhou delegate

An academic delegate from Gouanzhou University held two joint meetings at TMU and signed a memorandum of understanding to expand international scientific cooperation.

In the first meeting which was attended by Dr. Fatollahi, the vice chancellor for Research and Technology, Dr. Haji, the director of International Scientific Collaboration Office, Dr. Gholam Husseinzadeh, the dean of Humanities Faculty, Dr. Shakib, the dean of Environment and Civil Engineering Faculty, Dr. Husseini, the dean of Economics and Management Faculty and the Chinese delegate headed by Professor Jounzang, the vice chancellor for Research and International Affairs of Gouangzhou University, Dr. Fatollahi, referred to the significance of universities globalizations and the need for close cooperation between them, emphasized the initiatives in relationships between TMU and Gouangzhou University and said: “to expand the cooperation at high educational levels, we need to establish closer academic ties between the two universities, an objective which requires the identification of areas of interest and methods to achieve these objectives.”

Referring to the mutual areas of interest between the two sides, he proposed the following areas which can be done by both sides: i.e. in the domain of civil engineering issues related to natural disasters which could be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Shakib, environmental issues conducted under the direction of Dr. Ganji Doust, humanities and social sciences and Persian and Oriental Studies carried out under the administration of Dr. Gholam Husseinzadeh, and finally economic plans supervised by Dr. Husseini.

He proposed that the two sides could conduct joint research projects, provide joint supervision for doctorate candidates and hold joint conferences and exchange students and professors.

Referring to the rich cultural heritage of Iran, Professor Jounzang expressed his respective university’s readiness to expand its academic relations with TMU and added: “we welcome TMU researchers and Ph.D. candidates to come to Goungzhou University for their sabbatical leaves. We have already started our cooperation in civil engineering areas and hope to initiate further collaboration in the domains of economics and humanities.” He also said that Gouanzhou University intends to establish Persian Language and Literature Department in a near future.