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Significant results of a doctoral research project on the University of Utrecht website

The report of Mohammad Reza Farrokhnia innovation, a Ph.D. student at TMU, which has done part of his PhD thesis in cooperation with the Utrecht University (Netherlands), under supervision of Dr. Javad Hatami was published as a remarkable 2019 scientific report on the Utrecht University website.
In this study, "The effect of computational modeling on the level of science learning" has been studied and its positive results have been reported and published in the journal "Computer and Education". In this research, the efficiency of "Stop-Motion animation" software in science education has been addressed.
Mohammadreza Farrokhnia is a physics teacher, working for the Iranian ministry of education, and PhD candidate at Tarbiat Modares university of Tehran. His research focuses on effective physics teaching and learning strategies in the field of educational technology. As part of his PhD program, he is visiting the Freudenthal Institute from July 2018 till September 2019, where he conducts research in the Teaching & Learning Lab on student-generated animation as an approach for learning physics.
Most of Farrokhnia’s research is devoted to designing and developing learning environments for physics education, based on different cognitive tools such as simulations and concept maps, to improve students’ learning about scientific concepts and to foster meaningful learning. At the Freudenthal Institute, he focuses on modeling-based learning, specifically student-generated animation (SGA), under supervision of Professor Wouter van Joolingen and Assistant Professor Ralph Meulenbroeks.