Occupational Health


The Department of Occupational Health Engineering started its activity in 1983 with the admission of MSc students. In 1997, the first doctoral program in Professional Health Engineering was launched. Currently, the Department accepts students for MSc and PhD programs.

The mission of the department

The aim of the Department is to train graduates who have obtained educational and research capabilities at the national and local milieu, and are able to predict, identify, assess and control the risk factors of the work environment, and implement the latest techniques of management in order to increase the physical, psychological and social health of the workforce to the highest possible degree. These graduates will be able to think of solutions which can prevent work-related injuries as well as employing employees in jobs that are proportional to their physical and mental capabilities and, consequently, improve their productivity and effectiveness.

Department members accomplishments

Faculty members and students are recognized figures in professional health for their leading role in science production and their research activities embodied in their innovative and pioneering designs.

Research area of the department

The most important research areas in the department of occupational health are as follows:

  • Industrial safety system, Environmental health and the Environment
  • Chemical agents, the Environment
  • Controlling Air Pollutants, Chemical agents in work environment, Industry and the Environment
  • Industrial safety system and the Environment
  • Sound and vibration control, Ionizing radiation control
  • Investigating the synergistic effects of physical and chemical agents