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Research Areas


Mohammad Hassanzadeh (Professor)

  • Knowledge Management. Dr. Hassanzadeh, the first researcher in the field of knowledge management in Iran, began his research on knowledge management as his doctoral dissertation in 2003, and so far, he has written over 50 articles and 5 books And has car
  • Knowledge Based Systems. Knowledge-based systems are referred to as a set of systems that aim to complete the process of transforming data into knowledge through semantic inter and cross-system relationships. Research in the field of knowledge-based syste
  • Scientometrics and S&T Evaluation. Dr. Hassanzadeh has been a researcher on scientometrics since 2006 at the Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) and has authored and translated several books and articles in the field of scientometrics, science a

Fatemeh Zandian (Associate Professor)

  • Library Management
  • Systems Evaluation

Atefeh Sharif (Assistant Professor)

  • Knowledge organization, Knoeledge representation, Semantic web and Ontology, Information Retrieval