Faculty of Art, as one of the oldest and most popular academic centers of Iran, offers master and doctorate programs in Art. It is also in charge of graduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, architecture and urban planning, project management and Islamic arts. This faculty prides itself on offering a wide range of technical and cultural skills for its students in order to enable them pass courses required for technical art education, academic research or teaching and executive activities. Some of the master programs of this faculty are based on theoretical foundations of academic fields whereas others direct students towards new research horizons and consolidate their professional qualifications for the market and industry through interdisciplinary courses. Ph.D. programs at this faculty consists of four years research and education and finishes when the prospective candidates write a dissertation on a new and original subject.
The students of Art Faculty have access to consulting services, research funds and other welfare facilities. The education programs consist of problem solving courses, experimentation, academic discussion, direct negotiation with authorities, professors, technical or artistic consultants and of course collaboration with distinguished artists. Faculty officials place a high priority on conducting interdisciplinary researches and numerous courses are taught by professors of relevant departments. Deputy of Cultural Affairs financially supports the holding of art and architecture exhibitions in the faculty space or in the campus areas. The faculty of art intends to establish three independent faculties for visual arts, performing arts, and architecture and urban planning in a near future.

Faculty of Art: A faculty with top artists and elites

The faculty of art which enjoys the service of academic elites and prominent Iranian artists offers different art and media programs. The renowned and qualified professors of this faculty strive to train artists and specialists, and in order to accomplish this mission, they offer pragmatic and workshop courses which follow an experience-learning model. In the same line, and in order to guarantee high learning results, studios and workshops will be held for a maximum of 12 students.

Mission: Paving the ground for the breeding of next-generation artists, engineers and designers of Iran

The faculty of Art is not only committed to targeted and efficient education of its students, but also follows a mission based on the macro & noble strategies dictated by TMU. These policies aim to provide useful training courses through a creative, distinctive and excellent learning environment. The faculty also pursues the expansion of scientific development and offers breeding grounds for the flourishing of professional and specialized talents of the students.

List of Faculty Deans from beginning till now
  • Late Dr. Rajabali Mazlumi 1984- 1992
  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi 1992- 1996
  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Purjafar, 1996- 2005
  • Dr. Mojtaba Ansari, 2005- 2014
  • Dr. Ali Akbar Taghvaee, 2014 up to now

Message of the Dean:

We warmly welcome the visitors of the site. Adopting an Islamic-Iranian approach to art, this faculty strives to expand and promote Iranian Islamic art and architecture in this competitive world in order to create and maintain sustainable development and promote Iranian art. In the same line and by considering the common sense, expediency, appreciation and bilateral respect on the basis of the divine and humanitarian values, we strive to boost the quality of education, research, innovation and creativity. To fulfill the above missions, we warmly welcome the proposals for collaboration by state and private organizations, companies, foundations, and interested individuals offered in the form of theoretical or practical research projects.

  • Providing educational and counseling services on how to get graduate and doctorate courses
  • Providing research advice on how to handle the affairs of the thesis from the approval stage to the defense stage
  • Providing finest equipment and facilities at departmental studios (planning and design)
  • Providing statistics and information required by members of faculty, department and college staff


Mansour Yeganeh
Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Mahdi Khatami
Deputy Dean for Financial and Administrative Affairs

Mojtaba Azizi
Deputy Dean for Research and Technology

Mahdi keshavarzafshar

Organizational Chart