The administration of the university consists of the following management offices: Chancellor?s Office, International Scientific Collaboration Office, Budget and Planning Office, Public Relations Office, Evaluation and Performance Optimization Office and Security Office.

Job Description:

  • Execution and monitoring the enactments communicated by the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution particularly the provisions of TMU?s Articles of Association, 20 Years Development Plan, Strategic Plan of the University and Enactments of the Board of Trustees
  • Managing the educational and research activities and current affairs within the extant regulation and rules
  • Coordinating the various tasks undertaken by different sections of the university, appointing or dismissing staff in accordance with rules and regulations
  • Proposing appropriate organizational charts of the university to the Board of Trustees, Ministry of Science, Research & Technology and Management and Planning Organization
  • Dealing with received correspondence, visiting clients and participating in legal and administrative meetings or other places as required
  • Follow up, monitoring and evaluating the good performance of enactments passed by the administrative office