Systems and Productivity Management


With the goal of training managers for the country's industries, the system management and productivity department was founded as one of the sub-disciplines of industrial engineering in 1998 at Tarbiat Modares University. This department currently offers engineering management and financial engineering programs.

bullet Engineering Management

The engineering management department at Tarbiat Modares University was established in 2016 by changing the name of “system management and productivity” field of study. The purpose of this field is to educate engineers who are able to solve real problems in management, economics and business in organizations, companies and industries and to work in the fields of engineering, technology and services by using the principles of management science along with engineering knowledge. Graduates of this discipline can work in manufacturing, engineering or service industries.

bullet Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering was established as one of the disciplines of the System Management and Productivity Department in 2012. The Financial Engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of science based on modern financial theory, engineering methods, mathematical tools, and programming applications. Nowadays, this field is defined as the application of technical methods, especially computational finance and financial mathematics, in financial applications, which aims to use computational technologies to increase productivity in financial markets, commercial or investment banks using risk reduction tools. Graduates of this field can work in financial and monetary institutions such as banks and insurance companies, the stock market or in service providing / consulting institutes.