Research in Art History


Research in Art History Department had been founded as Art studies department in 1995 as a postgraduate environment offers research degrees at MA and Ph.D. level is one of the country leading centers for the study in the theoretical fields of Arts. Courses are structured with a view to developing broad substantive and methodological competence in the discipline as well as research within the students chosen field of concentration. Student Achieve a solid familiarity with core monuments and Major Artists as well as trends from each of various subfields that cultivate a deep understanding of humanitys fundamental impulse to create Art. We are committed to a wide range of theoretical, critical, historical and especially interdisciplinary studies that analyze cultural, religious, aesthetic, social, semiotics, Economics, psychological and philosophical Aspects of Art. Department supports theoretical researches especially in Visual Arts, design, Drama, and Media. The Main focus of Department Based on strengthening students in Scientific thinking and writing, understanding Various research methodologies and enhancing their abilities to see, interpret, analysis and evaluate Arts of all types. Besides, World from ancient through Modern and Contemporary Arts, It Focuses on studies in the field of Persian Arts and design, especially during the Ancient, Islamic and Contemporary era.