Project Management and the Artistic Works Management


For the first time in Iran, in 1996, the Project Management and Construction field was introduced and it began its activities in the form of a group, the Project Management and Construction Group at the Tarbiat Modares University in the masters degree. The first PhD course was set up and launched by international prominent professors from around the world. Therefore the Project Management and Construction Group of the Tarbiat Modares University became the milestone and the pre-eminent group in the mentioned field. There are currently four active permanent faculty members in this group. Project Management in theory is the usage of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in project operations for achieving project mandatory requirements, best project management, building an interactive buffer between different fields and enhancing capabilities related to project management for engineering graduates and also other graduates with emphasis on Construction Projects in particular and other projects in general. The Groups plan for maintaining its position in the country and continuous improvement is as follows: Limited first degree student admissions. Encouraging faculty members and students to research, publish articles in authentic domestic and international media and conferences, acquire memberships in scientific constitutions, and cooperate with different groups in the university, based on an experience based attitude. The Group is in cooperation and has educational and research exchange with different groups in the university and generally in other universities in fields such as Management, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Art and Law. All engineering graduates are able and welcome to attend and join. As there are many projects in Iran, graduates of this field have the possibility to be a part in a wide range of projects like the Construction industry, Oil and gas industry, Water and electricity industry, Aerospace development, Technology and sciences and other engineering managements. Also professors and graduates in this field can make relations between the industry and the university due to the nature of this field as it has practical applications and close ties to many different industries