Graphics (visual communication)


The graphic arts department of TMU started its education in 1989 with the admission of students in the fields of visual arts. Many alumni from this department serve now as faculty members in different universities of Iran and some others, as distinguished artists, are involved in art activities. Enjoying theoretical courses along with graphic workshops have made this field a practical and popular major in visual arts. The teaching staff of this department are engaged in extracurricular activities such as holding of exhibitions, workshops, cinemas, acting as referees for international, national and regional journals / festivals and compiling books and scientific research articles.
The scientific and research activities of the department are mainly focused on Iranian and Islamic art, especially the kind of art appropriate to the Islamic Revolution. Student dissertations are also mainly oriented towards such objectives. The widespread collaboration of the teaching staff with other colleges and art centers of Iran manifests itself in joint programs and scientific exchange, as well as seminars, criticism forums and reviews of visual arts.