High-Performance Architecture Lab


High-Performance Architecture Lab (PAL) is to develop sci-tech approach towards future architecture and planning. TMU (Tarbiat Modares University) developed International Mission for High-Performance Architecture (IMPA) in 2010. IMPA received meaningful endorsement in 2015 - International Year of light by UN / UNESCO. PAL Wired and Red Herring for a series of successful workshops in all over the world and attraction of famous partners from high-ranked universities and research institutes which resulted in a memorandum of understanding of development of an international consortium in 2015-05-09.
The TMU High-Performance Architecture Lab as an interdisciplinary research laboratory devoted to glocalized approach towards domestic as well as international issues and committed to interactive relationship with international partners in IMPA. Research projects have interdisciplinary character rang from theory and design to incubator sampling and professional practices.