Structural Engineering


The achievement of comprehensive development depends on the provision of knowledge-based science and technology. One of the most basic activities of knowledge-based science concerns the training of committed specialists who have deep concerns in their specialty for national progress and development.
The structural engineering department of Tarbiat Modares University, as one of the oldest educational departments of the university, started its educational programs in 1985. It has managed to present a significant number of graduates (master and doctorate) to the academic and research communities of the country so far. The main research fields of this department are: the study of the behavior of the structural systems, structural rehabilitation, microstructure and behavioral modeling of the materials. The teaching staff of the department currently consists of full-time professors, associate professors and assistant professors, and it also possesses a well-equipped laboratory for graduate and postgraduate students. This department also closely cooperates with civil engineering and marine structure departments.
The structural engineering department has also played a major role in the development of Iran's scientific community including its active participation in the preparation and development of standards, regulations, national building codes and other relevant regulations and guidelines.