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# First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Shakiba Hosseini Application of stearic acid dissolved in paraffin for hydrophobization of the fiber board and its effect on physical and mechanical properties of the boards
2 Houri sharifiniay dizboni Study on the failure and failure mechanisms of wood strands and oriented strand board under tensile and bending loads using acoustic emission
3 Zeinab Oodi Zare Evaluation of wood -plastic composite properties using recycled waste of old corrugated container (OCC)
4 kamran Choupani chaydarreh Development of one-step process of foam core particleboard production using thermosetting foam as core layer and properties evaluation of produced panels
5 saber Jafarnejad sani Production and evaluation of lightweight wood- based panels using expandable polystyrene granules
6 Nahid Rastegarfar Electrochemical treatment of black liquor from soda -AQ Pulping of wheat straw
7 Alireza Ahmadi Effect of alkail ttreatment on physical, mechanical and thermal properties of beech flour - polypropylene composites
8 ahmad Roshan Bakhsh yazdi A study on designing and standardizing of table and desk based on antropometrical dimensions for guidance sehools (Male students) in yazd (IRAN)
9 Hajar Raeisi Nafchi The compatibilization effect of oxidized polypropylene in molten and solution state on wood fiber - polypropylene - nano clay composites
10 mohsen bahrami Effect of oxidized pohypropylene (OPP) as compatibilizer on physical and mechanical properties of composites made from polypropylene and three types of agricultural residuals
11 Hamed Kevily Effect of maleic anhydride on oleothermal modification of wood
12 zahra nowrouzi influences of nano - chitosan treatment on physical ,mechanical and bioresistance properties of wood
13 Azam Amani Treatment of black liquor from soda - AQ pulping of wheat straw with combined process of ozone /hydrogen peroxide
14 mhammad reza abdeh Effect of oil treatment on physical and mechanical peroperties of fir (abies sp.) wood
15 Javad Dast afshan Comparison of urea and anthraquinone addition on the soda pulping process of bagasse
16 Amir mootab saei Discoloration of oleothermally treated fir wood (abies sp.)due to natural weathering
17 Masoud Amirsoleimani Desinging and manufacture of a lumber house made from oleothermally treated fir wood (Abies sp.) and its non- destructive evaluation
18 shokouh etedali shehni Study of thickness swelling mechanism in wood flour - polypropylene composites using image analysis
19 Fatemeh sharifi Effect of nano clay wood flour - recycled polypropylene composites
20 Mostafa ebrahimi The effect of creep on formaldehyde emission from medium density fiberboard (MDF)
21 Ahmad Hasani Physical and mechanical properties of wood plastic composites made from different blends of recyclld plastics
22 Khosro Hosseinian The effect of nanochitosan on mechanical properties of recycled paper
23 Elham Nowrouzi Surface properties of wood coated with oil - and nano - based coatngs against natural weathering
24 Sima Hatami naderlu Natural weathering of wood flour -recycled polypropylene composites
25 Ebrahim Noferesti Mechanical properties of the nano composite nanocrystalline cellulose/poly hydroxy butyrate produced by bacteria cupriavidus necator
26 Hadi Peyrovi Investigation on physical properties of the composite nanocrystalline cellulose /poly hydroxy butyrate produceded by cupriavidus necator
27 Sayed ali Hasammzadeh Interaction between titanium dioxide and magnesium hydroxide on weathering and fire resistance of the wood flour - poly vinyl chloride (PVC) composites
28 Mohammad pourjafar Thr effect of lignin on using fines and fiber fractions of papermaking to peoduce cellulosic film with BMIMCL ionic liquid
29 Ramin Fathi Hydrophobization of wood surface with stearic acid in combination with heating
30 Farzam niroomand Studyind the prooerties of cellulose -nanochitosan comparing with cellulose chitosan biocomposite produced using 1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium chloride ionic liquid
31 Ramin Sabazoodkhiz ffect of chitosan-nanosilica as nanoparticle system on retention, drainage and dry strength of recycled of paper
32 Farshid Abdoli Viscoelastic behavior of oleothermally modified beech wood
33 Behnam Sadeghi Nik The effect of acetylation on hygroscopicity and tensile strength of the film manufactured from cellulosic fibers using lonic liquid
34 Behzad Ghafouri Bolhasani Superhydrophobization of wood with layer by layer treatment of Nano-silica and Acid
35 Omid Javadi Effect of using cellulose nano-particles on carboxy methyl cellulose performance in oil drilling muds
36 Fariba Molkara The efffect of foaming and nanoclay on sound properties of wood flour -low density polyethylene composites
37 Mohammad Saleh Hosseiny fard Effect of recycled old corrugated contaniner (OCC) fibers on properties of foamed concrete
38 Behrouz Neyciyani The effects of modified carbon nanotubes and foaming on acoustic properties of wood fibers - Low density polyethylene composites
39 Azadeh Sabet Haghighi Preparation of high viscosity polyanionic cellulose (PAC) from cotton linter to be used in drilling muds
40 Ali askar Taheri Effect of electrical conductiity on performance of chitosan- nanobentonite system in recycled OCC pulp
41 Elmira Amiri Effect of chitosan molecular weight on chitosan - nanosilica perfromance as an additive in wet end of recycled old corrugated container (OCC) pulp
42 Amir Hossein mehranfar The effect of electrical conductivity on performance of cationic starch-nanosilica system in recycled paper
43 Mahboobe Seifi Effect of PH and buffering capacity of some Iranian wood species on the gelation time and thermal behavior of urea formaldehyde (UF)
44 Sobhan Jahanshahluo Commparing the effect of silica sol and bentonite nanoparticles on the performance of cationic starch for drainability, retention and strength properties of recycled paper
45 Fateme Mirarab Razi The Application of stearic acid dissolved in vegetable oil for hydrophobization of the fiber board and its effect on physical and mechanical properties of the boards
46 Reza Bidabadi Study on potential acoustic - and thermal - insulation of wooden house made by oleothermally treated wood
47 Salehe Yaghmaei Evaluation and improvement of physical and mechanical properties of waste advertising banners and wood flour wood-plastic composite made from
48 Mahdi Ansari chaharsoughi Formaldehyde emissions from wood plastic composites made from poly vinyle chloride , wod flour and medium density fiberboard sanding dust
49 Rouhallah Zamani Formaldehyde release reduction from medium density fiberboard (MDF) by using activated carbon produced from MDF sanding dust
50 Vahid Borooshakian Study on moisture gradient in cross laminated timber made from hydrothermally modified wood
51 Mahdi Eftari The effect of fine content optimization on the structure and properties of OCC recycled paper
52 Narges Ramzani assessment of the influenece of PH and nanosilica on the performance and adsorption process of chitosan polyelectrolyte on fibers using thin layer ellipsometry method
53 Roghayeh Kalagar Using chitosan as a chelating agent in deinking of recycled old newsprint pulp
54 Seyed Mostafa Hashemi Sangtarashani Using recycled old corrugated container (OCC) pulp for producing super absorbent with ionic liquid
55 Reza Miraki ghocham Comparative investigation of micro and nnao crystalline cellulose on the structural peoperties of lactic acid foam
56 Hossein Salehi Effect of kraft lignin on the nanocellulose/poly lacticacid biocomposite properties
57 Maryam Sayari Evaluation of Microcrystalline cellulose properties prepared from canola straw and its Applicability in the pharmaceatical industry