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First Name Last Name Thesis
1 abdulvahed khaledi darvishan Simulation of runoff generation and soil erosion processes in different antecedent soil moisture contents
2 Banafsheh Ysarebi Topographic threshold for gully initiation and development in rangeland and agricultural land uses in Ilam province - Iran
3 Hamid Reza pourghasemi Landslide hazard prediction using data mining methods in the north of tehran city
4 Mehdi Bashari seghaleh Interactions of soil clay content and impermeable surfaces on temporal variation of runoff and sediment under simulated conditions
5 mahmood Azari Assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation options in soil and water resources management
6 Soheila Aghabeigi Amin Sedimentgraph simulation by using flow routing and sediment rating curve in abshineh river in ecbatan dam watershed
7 Shirko ebrahimi mohammadi Spatial and Inter/Intra storm variations of hydrograph , suspended sedlimentgraph and particulate pollutpgraph in main flows ti zarivar lake
8 hamzeh Saidian Acidic rainfall effect on erodibility of aghajari and gachsaran formations (A case stydy: margha and kuhe gach watershed,Izeh townshio,Iran
9 hamzeh noor Effect of Spatial pattern of watershed management scenarios on runoff entering taleghan dam
10 Morteza Behzadfar Weeectibility of runoff and sediment yield from soils induced by freezing and thawing cycle from amount and application time of different soil amendments
11 leila gholami Process simulation of soil erosion control by applying amendments in different rainfall intensities
12 Raoof Mostafazadeh Effects of different management scenarios of landscape metrics on storm runoff and sediment variations
13 Majid Mohammady Predicting effects of land use changes on runoff generation using CLUE-s and wetSpa models for management of baghsalian watershed in golestan province
14 mehdi Boroghani Analysis of drought and land use effect on identification and prioritization of dust storm regions in khorasan razavi province
15 Pari Saeidi Development and application of allometric models of hydrograph and sediment graph in simulation of temporal variation of strom suspended sediment
16 Mahboobeh Kiani harchebani Comparative analysis of effective sediment size distribution during erosion process evolution
17 Hossein Kheirfam Feasibility of controlling surface runoff generation and soil loss through inoculation of some soil microorganisms
18 khlil jalili Analysis of Groundwater Resources Management in islambad plain based on climate change scenarios
19 Saleh Yousefi Effect of land use on morphometric and morphologic characteristics in plain part of the talar river
20 Mohammad bagher Raeisi Variability of snowmelt runoff temporal distribution and contribution under climate change scenarios
21 Aliakbar Davudirad Adaptive management based on zero net land degradation approach in shazand watersed - markazi province
22 Saeid najafi Structural and functional connectivity of sediment yield process in different scenarios of landscape management in taham - chai watershed, zanjan province,iran