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# First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Akram Nasiri Effect of seed inoculation by azotobacter and azosprillum on some forage qualitative and quantitative characterstics of festuca arundinacea under defoliation patterns
2 Neda Alipoorian Determination of optimum irrigation interval for the emergence of maximum number of seeds in the soil seed bank
3 Paria kamali Comparison of soil seed bank density, richness, diversity and similartiy with aboveground vegetation between grazed and ungrazed region
4 Azadeh Alemzadeh Methods of soil seed bank studies range of in north albora montaion
5 seyed hamzeh Hoseini Kahnuj The comparison of soil seed bank characteristics between forest and rangeland habitats along the alttitudinal gradient
6 Kolsum Alishaii Effects of kraft lignin on nitrogen variation in rangeland soil in haraz watershed
7 Fatemeh ghanbari talouki Using geostatistical in estimating spatial variability of yeild, density and canopy cover percentage of artemisia aucheri Boiss in baladeh rangelands
8 Arezo Alizadeh Effect of seed irradiation with low doses of gamma ray on some emergence and morphological characteristics of agropyron elongatum and bromus tomentellus
9 Seyad morteza Araghi shahri Effect pf priming on germination characteristics of secale montanum guss.,s.cereale L.,S.ceremont, agropyron trichophorum and A.pectiniforme seeds under sallinity stress
10 Aliyeh keshavarz Effect of salinity treatments on seed germination, some seedling physiological parameters and forge quaqlity of hedysarum criniferum Bioss. And H. coronarium L.
11 Reza Shahbazian Impact of shrubland patches on soil seed bank characteristics in mountanious prasslands
12 Moharram Ashrafzadeh Camel age and forage quality effect on the dietary perferences of plant species in south of fars province rangelands
13 Behnam Bahrami The role of plant species diversity aad environmental factors on the rate of soil particulate organic matter in the mountain rangelands of Urmia
14 sehar salehi Effect of salinity treatments Na2 So4 on seed germination, some seedling physiological parameters and forge quaqlity of medicago polymorpha L. and medicago scuttelata L.
15 Mojgan Moraffa Relationship between some of vegetation and soil characteristics in three rangeland habitat grassland, shrubland and grassland - shrubland (case study: rangeland of baladeh noor
16 Nahid mohamadi Effect of salinity treatmens (NaCl) on seed germination, some seedling physiological parameters and mineral elements of avena sative L. and avena fatua L.
17 Fatemeh Ghazanfarian Effect of shrubby patches on soil seed bank characteristics in dry rangelands (case study :meymand, Kerman)
18 Maryam Daneshgar Effect of Dormancy breaking treatments on increasing of the number germinated seeds buried in the plour rangeland soil
19 Masumeh rahimi dehcheraghi Effect of land use change from rangeland to agriculture rain-fed land to some physic -chemical soil factors (case study: lileh, ravansr and kamyaran-region)
20 Behzad Golmohamadi Weffect of Gamma irradation on germination characteristics,some physiologocal traits of secale montanum and agropyron cristatum physiologic
21 Vahid Rostami Comparison of carbon sequestration by soil andbio,ass of plant species in replaced rangelands of expropriated dryfarming, grazed and exclusure rangelands in bozdaghi region, northern khorasan province
22 Hamid Uossefi Temporal changes in vegetation and soil characteristics following disturbances wild by boar (sus scrofa) in the two forest and rangeland uses
23 sayed Abdollah Motahari fard Effect of gamma irradiation on germination characteristics, some physiological traits of secale montanum and agropyron cristatum physiologic
24 sana mohebbi Ecological function of rangelands under different management including planting,exclusure and grazing with landscape function analysis (Case study: Kojour noushahr rangelands)
25 marzyeh salarvand Variability of plant diversity and soil Eco- physiological indices under different land uses
26 Ali Mohammadsharifi Response of festuca ovina L.to some environmental variables using the HOF function in the rangeland of galandrood watershed
27 Ghader Danande The impact of land management (Exclosyre, Grazing rangelands amd dry farming) on carbon sequestration and variability of soil base cations (case study: kojour rangeland - nowshahr)
28 mohammad Pichand Effect of drought stress and hydropriming on seed germination traits and some seedling physiologyical parameters of cymbopogon olivieri (Boiss.)Bor
29 Hasanali Lavaei adriyani Variability of soil qualitative indices in different plant communities with emphasizing on soil aggregate stability in vaz region of mazandaran peovince
30 Raza omidipour Additive partitioning of plant diversity in relation to rangeland management regimes and environmental variables
31 Mostafa Firuzruz Capacity assessment of social and institutional networks in policy making and planning toward rangeland management (Case study : rangeland of nour city -no roud catchment)
32 Fatemeh Alvani Effect of drought stress and ascorbic acid treatments on some physiological and growth parameters of taverniera cuneifolia (Roth ) Arn
33 Fatemeh Heydari Response of bromus tomentellus boiss to some environmental variables using the HOF function and GAM model in the rangeland of galandrood watershed
34 Fahime Bazyar Ecological niche of forb plants in the rangelands of galandrood of Galandrood watershed
35 Hakime Tayefi Nasrabadi Effect of fire severity on vegetation and soil parameters (case study: golestan national park)
36 Sahar Jamshidi Comparing three plant population concerning bioaccumulation of heavy metal (CU,ZN,PB)
37 Laila Zandi sarabsore Effect of rangeland communities change to horticulture on soil physico - chemical properties
38 Mina Bashmaghi Effect of fire severity and stratification on soil seed bank in different times after fire (case study: golestan national park)
39 Elnaz Zaki Fire simulation : the role of smoke and heat as germination cues in different plant functional group
40 Mehdi Kheyrianpour Effect of silver nanopriming treatments on seed germination traits and some seedling morphological parameters of taverniera cuneifolia (roth) arn under salinity stress
41 Sajad Amiri Effect of elevation on the plant diversity components in different scales, case study: Geno, hormozgan province
42 Raziye Rahmani Comparison of carbon sequestration by soil and biomass of halophytes sspecies and soil co2 emission in inchehborun, golstan province
43 Parisa Niknam Effect of cushion plant species on spatial distribution of soil seed bank in vaz rangelands
44 Fatemeh sadat Hoseini Patch effect of pteropyrum aucheri on the soil seed bank and some essential characteristics of industrial - medicinal plant of pergularia tomentosa
45 Leila avazpour The role of social capitalin enhancement of users resillencein contrast with retrogressive condition trend of rangeland (case study: mayamey township, semnan province)
46 khadijeh bahalkeh Biotic interactions (facilitation and competition) and microhabitat modifications under fire and grazing and shrub death in steppe and mountain rangelands in golestan national park
47 Amin Mahmodian Response halophytes species to some environmental gradients (case study in the salt rangeland of inchehboroun in the province)
48 Alirostam Khanizadeh Effect of livestock garzing on morphological characteristics of eight key plant species in semi - arid rangeland
49 seyed Variya Hosseini The impact of grazing and fire on functional traits and components in steppe and mountain rangelands (case study:Golestan national park)
50 maryam ahmadi jolandan Simulating of vegelation characteristics in rangelands using integrated applications of artificial neural network and geographic informantion system (case study: baladeh rangelands,mazandaran