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# First Name Last Name Thesis
1 ّFereshteh Basseri Assessment of soil seed bank in pure and mixed stand the sisangan box tree (Buxus hyrcana pojark) forest reserve
2 Ehsan Ghanbary Effect of waterlogging stress on soil and morphology of alnus subcordata, populus deltoides and taxodium distichom seedling
3 Malihe Fazli Fruit nutrition ,pod permeability and seed germination gleditschia caspica desf
4 Iman Chapolagh Paridari Comparison of morphological and molecular (ITS and trnH-psbA) Marker efficiency for distinguishing of hornbeam species (carpinus) in the hyrcanian forests
5 Azam noraiy lemarasky Temporal and depth variation of soil seed bank in (populus caspica (Bornm) Bornm) reserve in noor forest park
6 Pejman Imani Road construction cost zoning and shortest path algorithm in forest road design
7 Hamid Akbarzadeh khorshidi Prioritization of quercus castaneifolia, Acer velutinum and alnus subcordata species in neka region plantations based on ecoligical indices TOPSIS method
8 Hadi bayati Application of artificial neural networks in assessment of damages to standing trees in forest harvesting operation
9 Javad Fathi nia badie Forest fire risk zoning in western mazandaran forest using RS and GIS
10 Ghasemali Parad Effects of Flooding on growth , morphology and physiology of Quercus castaneifolia C.A. Meyer and fraxinus excelsior L. seedlings
11 Saba Peyrov Assessment of forest RoadWay using Artificial Neural Network
12 Zeinab javanmard Effect of different priming treatments on germination and initial growth of pinus eldarica D.Don . Under salinity and drought stresses
13 Maryam Dahdashtifar Canopy gaps characteristics and influence on the regeneration and plant biodiversity in experimental forest station of tarbiat modares university
14 Sevir Shanaz miandoab Morphologic and isoenzyme variability of telka pear (pyrus boissereiana Bushe) in different populations of forest by jozak- dareshk North Khorasan Understand
15 Ali Jamshidi Comparison the effect of urban forest species on reducing air pollution in isfahan city
16 Bahnam Zolfagharzadeh Edge effect of forest of forest road on variation of light,Temperature and soild properties
17 Mojdeh Miraki The effect of appropriate soulution in order to fire crisis management in marivan forest
18 ُSeyed farid ghafari dehkordi Studying plant biodiversity patterns and their relationships with soil and topographical factors along an altitudinal gradient in the galandrood forests
19 ّFatemeh Heidari Phytoremediation potential of tree species around zanjan and zinc factory lead
20 Farzaneh Sohrabi sheikh veisi Prioritization prone areas of harvesting using Artifical Neural Network and Multiple Linear regressions
21 seyede rahime yavarynik pattern of distribution of ephiphyte moss species population in the plain forest of tarbiat modares university
22 Fatemeh Akbarpour Comparison of different methods of soil seed bank in the lowland forest of tarbiat modares university
23 Mahsa Nematian Comparison of management methods (protection, collaborative, govermental and cooperative) in the forest of southern zagros view of adaptation with indicators of sustainable development SAW algorithm
24 Hora momeni The comparison of photosynthesis and leaf indices between healthy ironwood and infected by common mistletoe
25 Somayeh Izadi Comparison of sampling methods for estimating volume of coarse woody deberis in a hyrcanian forest of iran
26 Kourosh ahmadi Evaluating the Productivity of Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) in relation to edaphic and physiographic variables in research and eduational forest of tarbiat modares university
27 Kazem normohammadi Soil seed bank persistence along an altitudinal gradient in salaheddinkola forest
28 Mohsen Elahi Identification of mycorrhizal fungi symbiotic with amygdalus orientalis and its effects on phosphorus concentration of leaf and soil in the semiroms tang khoshk forest reserve
29 Mohammad bahmani Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and pseudomonas rhizobacterium inoculation on some growth parameters of calotrope (calotropis perocera ait.) under drought and salinity stresses
30 Hassan Faramarzi Palangar Multi-Criteria modeling of fire hazard in golestan national park using GIS
31 Naser Noroozi Harooni Effect of halopriming and drought stress on growth and physiological characteristics of black locust (R0binia pseudoacacia ) and judas tree (Cersis siliquastrum)
32 Seyede samira soleymanipor Classification of hyrcanian box tree (buxus hyrcanapojark.)plant communities and its relation to environmental factors in farim, Sari
33 Roghayeh Joukar Optimizing land use planning in forest watershed scale using linear programming (LP) and geographic information system (GIS) and comparison with literal model: (case study: watershed forest rahkanrural in fare province)
34 Fatemeh Ghibie Effect of pure and mixed reforesed stands of redwood-maple alder on plant biodiversity and soil fertility indices
35 Masoomeh Soleimany Rahim abadi Effect of native and non-native plantations on stability of soil aggregate and particulate organic matter (Case study : forest seed center of khazar)
36 Azam hemmatzadeh Growth, physiological and morphological responses of six hyrcanian tree species seedling to different light regimes
37 Soraya Yousefvand Effect of recreation on aboveground vegetation and soil seed bank in noor forest park
38 Raziyeh Rafeie Jahed Effect of land cover on variability of the most important greenhouse gases and base cations of soil (case study: chamestan forest of noor)
39 Mahin Barshan Variations in morphology , physiology and active substances of three native willows as effected by water stress
40 Sakineh Mollaei Darabi Dynamic of soil Gas fluxes and base cations in relation to pit and mound landscapes of beech forest stand
41 Naeimeh Salehian dehkordi Effectability of some growth and physiologic charecteristics of tree and shrub species in foolad - mobarake region oflsfahan from irrigation periods
42 Ehsan Fakoor Evaluating the site productivtiy of oriental beech (Fagus orientalis lipsky) usind data mining techniques (Decision tree)
43 Peyman Ashkavand Effect of nanosilicon on growth and physiology of hawthorn (Crataegus aronia L.) and mahaleb cherry (prunus mahaleb L.) seedlings under drought stree
44 Jamshid Eslamdoust Allometric equations, biomass estimation and carbon sequestration of populus deltodis, alnus subcordata and taxodium distichum trees in 20 years Old - plantation , northern iran
45 Hamid Bina Determination of taxonomic status and genetic differentiation of betula spp,Iran
46 Zahra Ahadi Investigation on the potential of regreesion kriging for mapping oriental beech forest site productivity in research forest of tarbiat modares university
47 ُSomayeh Dehghaninejad Predicting the performance measures of oriental beech (fagus orientalis lipsky) in relation to some environmental variables using generalized linear and additive models in research forest of tarbiat modares university
48 Zahra Karamdar Extending ellenberg's indicator values for vascular plant in hyrcanian box tree (Buxus hyrcana pojark)forests
49 saeedeh hosseinzadeh Diagnostic species of box tree (buxus hyrcana) plant communities in western of haraz and farim forests: comparing frequency and abundance data
50 Vria mardanpour Using different spatial modeling techhiques for analyzing the relationship between the performance of oriental beech (fagus orientalis lipsky) species and some environmental variables in mixed hardwood forest
51 Reza Goudarzi Spatial and temporal scheduling forest road maintenace using rating analytic hierarchy process
52 Masoud Khaledi ٍEffect of physical , chemical treatments and carbon nnotubes on germination and seed dormancy of Buxus hyrcana pojark in hyrcanian forest
53 Ardalan Daryaei Species Independent regression model for Estimating aboveground biomass of small diameter trees in light gradient in a hyrcanian forest
54 Masoud Ghorbani Growth efficiency (GE), aboveground net primary production (ANPP) and carbon storage in pure and mixed plantations of populus deltoides and alnus subcordata
55 Unes Shahrokhzade Estimation of annual aboveground biomass and carbon increment of fagus orientalis , quercus castaneifolia and carpinus betulus at tree and stand level using dendrochronology
56 Mohammad Javad Heidari Pavement deterioration modeling for forest roads based on artificial networks and logistic regression
57 Foroozan Sarani kojoor Using species combination in determining diaggnostic species of box trees (Buxus hyrcana pojark.) plant communities in cheshmeh bolbol protected area bandargaz
58 Somayeh Asgari Forest road pavement management system using pavement condition index
59 Roghaye Farokhzadeh daryaman Growth, physiology and biochemistry responses of acer cappadocicum , quercus castaneifolia, pinus var. pallasiaana and cupressus sempervirens var.horizontalis seedlings, to simulated aacid rain
60 Azime Saeedi abueshaqi Mdeling aboveground biomass oak using canopy height models drived from lidar data and photogrammetric matching of rerial images
61 Behnaz Samadzadeh Variability analysis of soil carbon mineralization rate, nematode and earthworm populations in a plain forest stand
62 Navid Soltani Evaluating the beech stem quality in relation to environmental variables tarbiat modares university forest research station in and competition index
63 farzad yavari estimation of aboveground biomass of persian oak coppice stands using lidar data and multispectral aerial images
64 Raziyeh Sanji Comparison of litter quality, earthworm biomass and biochemical indices of soil under four afforested tree stands
65 Mehrasa Zare Relationship between corticolous mosses species richness with bark's PH and structure in the lowland foreste of western mazandaran
66 Sevda dehghan The effects of silicon and titanium nanoparticles on characteristics of black pine (pinus nigra) seedlings under drought stress
67 Azamat Hosseini mojarrad Response of weeping willow (Saliz babylonica linn.) seedling to zinc heavy metal under flooding and drought conditions
68 Fatemeh Mostajeran Influence of geographical isolation on genetic diversity and differentiation of pterocarya fraxinifoila L. in Iran
69 Fatemeh Rostayee The effect of alnus subcordata L., poplus deltoids L.and taxadium distichum L.rich plantations on fine root biomass and soil net nitrogen mineralization
70 Atefeh sadat Emami Responses of tow poplar clones (populus nigra 63.135 and P. euramericana 561.41) to high Pb concentrations
71 Rezgar Darvand Species - group and site - group association indices in plant community classification
72 Seywan nikkhah Analysis of Spatial pattern , Drop Size distribution and kinetic energy of throughfall in populus caspica , acer velutinum and quercus castaneifolia
73 Ehsan Rajaee molecular taxonomic revision of the genus alnus in the hyrcanian forest based on trnL-F intergenic spacer and ISSR markers
74 َAli Khodadust Morphologic and genetic diversity of the genus malus mill. In hyrcanian forest and taxonomic status of seprated groups using DNA barcoding
75 mohammad bayranvand Analysis of morpho-functional structure of humus forms in relation to tree ecological groups
76 Dorin Fadakar Navroodi Germination and seed establishment of mistletoe in relation to host tree species and seed source
77 Akram Sadat Kazemi Influnce of rizobaacteria on the improvement of growth, physiology and mineral element adsorption of pinus nigra var. pallasiana seedling exposed salinity stressyes
78 Aazam Shabani Population diversity of wild apphe (malus orientalis ugltizk) in respons to drought stress via in - vitro culture
79 Mayedeh Zahmatkesh In vitro salinity tolerance of different populations of malus oreintalis uglitz
80 Faeze sadat Tarighat The effect of broad - leaved tree group on soil ammonification and nitrification process (Case study:noor forest park)
81 Saleh Sakhavat Soil seed bank and possibility of seed cryopreservation of persian silk tree (Albizia julibrissin Durazz) in hyrcanian lowland forests
82 dnan Karimi Effect of Altitude Gradeint in seed germination of apple (Malus orientalis . Uglitzk) in Hyrcanian
83 Seyed mahmood tabatabai Indigenous knowledge of local people of northern naein city in usage of medicinal plants
84 Morteza Roodaki Characteristies of Drought- stressed seedlings in three cypress species, inoculated by rhyzobactcria
85 Soghra Azizi Morpho- physiological responses onr year seedings of populus euphratica and casuarina equisetifolia under flooding stress with fresh and saline water