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First Name Last Name Thesis
1 ِDavoud Kartoolinejad Skidding impact on annual increment change and decaying of marginal standing beech trees and soil macrofauna
2 shaieste Gholami Spatial pattern of soil macrofauna in relation to vegetation density and soil properties in riparian forests of karkhe river
3 Javad mirzaei Identification of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with pistacia atlantica and p.khinjuk in ilam province and their effects on seedlings growth under drought stress
4 Nasrin Seyedi Genetic variation and architecture of pistacia atlantica Desf based on Leaf Morphology, Seed storage proteins and progeny test in three populations of north zagrose
5 ُSeyed abdollah mousavi koupar The effect of pure and mixed plantations of poplar with alder on production efficiency and soil properties
6 Hamed Yousefzadeh Biosystematics of the geneus Tilia in north of Iran
7 Bahman Kiani Comparison of distance sampling methods efficienecy in saxaul shrub-lands of siahkooh region, Yazd province
8 Toktam Momeni moghaddam Impact of some environmental factors on structure of juniper forest in hezar masjed of razavi khorarsan
9 Ismael Ghajar Planning near - optimal forest network using genetic algorithm
10 Yahya Kooch Soil variability related to pit and moun , canopy cover and individual tree in a hyrcanian oriental beech stand
11 Farhad Ghasemi aghbash Dynamic of nutrient and decomposition of leaf litter in natural forest of beech and pure and mixed stands of alder and norway spruce
12 Afagh Tabandeh Saravi Genetic variation of Quercus Costanefolia C.A. Meyer . Populations Based on karyotypic Characteristics and progeny test
13 Maryam mollashahi Approved title : mapping air pollution of tehran city using magnetometery in soil and leave of fraxinus excelsior, pinus eldarica, morus alba species
14 Yaghoub Iranmanesh Assessment on biomass estimation methods and carbon sequestration of quercus brantii Lindl in chaharmahal & Bakhtiari forests
15 Zahra Azizi Automatic designing and extrracting of forest road paths using lidar data
16 Ahmad Hosseini Effects of site conditions and stand characteristics on tree dieback phenomenon in persian oak forests of ILAM province
17 Morteza Pourreza The Effect of fire on some Biological characteristics of soil in persian oak (Quercuse persica L.) Forest , kermanshah
18 Fariba Babaei soostani Physiological and morphological responses of quersus castaneifolia C.Amey seedlings to different light regime
19 Azadeh Salehi Phytoremediation of Lead -contaminated soils via iranian native poplars (populus alba and populus nigra) in symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
20 Mehrdad Zarafshar The responese of wild pear seedlings to drought stress and efficiency of TiO2 and SiO2 nano-particles in alleviating the deleterious effects of drought stress
21 Fatemeh ahmadioo Propagation of crataegus pseudoheterophylla pojark. By seed, cutting and in vito culture
22 Ramzanali Khorrami katrimi Detection and identification of individual tree species using airborne LiDAR data in a Broadleaved hyrcanian forest of Iran
23 Hamid Reza Saeidi Changes in population and richness of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and its relation to vegetation diversity of different forest types in bineshki ramsar
24 Fatemeh Shayanmehr Biosystematics of the genus Alnus mill. In Iran based on morphological and molecular markers
25 Saeid Shabani Modelling occurrence of soil and forest stand disturbance caused by logging operation
26 Hadi Darroudi Characterization of Tissue culture plantlets of currant (ribes khorasanicum) affected by mycorrhizal fungi and symbiotic bacteria
27 saeid varamesh Effect of different landuses on the some components of global warming using remote sensing data in golestan province
28 َAbolfazl Jaafari Planning forest transportation network under a multi - objective perspective using metaheuratic algorithms
29 maryam fazlollahi mohammadi The effect of catena llndscape on soil eco - physiologyical indices and some features of oriental beech (fagus orientalis lipsky)
30 Bahram naseri Seed dormancy and storage of natine maples in hyrcanian forests
31 Saleh kahyanikori Forest dynamics and growth modelling and simulating the effect of climate change on forest stands dynamics
32 Sattar Ezzati Timber harvest scgeduling at the unit level by mathematical modeling approacches
33 Hamed Asadi Classification of box tree (buxus Hyrcana pojark) communities the hyrcanian forest
34 Mohammad Amozad mehdyrajy Investigation of controlling agrarin capitalism "land crabbing" relying on analysis of the organizational of network sustainable management (Case study: babolakroud sub catchment
35 Niloofar Hghdoost The effect of dust deposition on diversity of persian oak (quercus brantii L.) Fungal endophytes.
36 Aazam Soleimany Simulating soil organic carbon storage affected by natural forest land cover change and climate cgange (Case study: Darab Kola - Sari
37 Youns Rostamikia Breaking seed dormancy and seeding propagation in different ecotypes of corylus avellana L.with emphaasize on mycorrhizae and growth promoting rhizobacteria