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# First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Vahid Aghadadashi The effect of Head and chest hairs density on mercury amount and comparison of its concentration with human nails
2 Kamyar Taheri the role of agricultural and residential landuses on organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticides residues in water and sediments of siahrud river, qaemshahr
3 Ali Gharaei Determination of suitable feather origin in golden eagle (aquila.etos), chukar partridge (perdix chukar) and great cormorant (phalacrocorax carbo) for investigation of mercury bioaccumulation , related to feed ecology
4 Zohreh Ebrahimi sirizi Distribution and source identiffication of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in surface sedime of mangrove forests from the north of qeshm island and khamie port - persian gulf
5 Mehdi ebrahimi gatkash Removal of nitrate anions from aqueous solution using functionalized MCM-41 nano - porous silica
6 Yousef majidi Organic and total mercury in different organs of resident and migratory hara western reef heron (Egretta gularis) and siberian Gull (Larus Heuglini) in birds: international wetland - persian gulf
7 Javad Ammarloo Determination of Allowable Consumption rate of pike (Esox Lucius), Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) and perch (sander lucioperca) in Anzali wetland Area based on mercury compounds (Organic and inoraganic) in edible tissues
8 Sharif Joorabian Shooshtari Modelling of land use changes using LCM in GIS enviroment (a case study: Neka watershed)
9 Seyede Maryam Kharrazi Vermicomposting of corn residues through microbial biodegradation for enriching nitrogen and phosphorus with microbial inoculants
10 ali Kazemi Effect of physical and chemical characteristics of municipal landfill leachates on bisphenol a content
11 Golshan shirneshan Correlation between geochermical fraction of cu and zn in sediment and their concentration in total soft tissue of saccostrea cucullata from the northern intertidal zones of qeshm island (persian gulf)
12 Jaber Aazami Assessment of total and organic mercury ratio in kidney, liver and muscle of cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo), Mallard (Anas Platyrhynchos) and Coot (Fulica atra) in the north of Iran
13 Sanaz Gheffari Distribution and source identification of n - alkanes in surface sediments of mangrove forest from the north of qeshm island and khamir port - persian gulf
14 Hassan Yousefi maasum abad Effect of brewery mill wastewater containing maltose as primary carbon source on production of polyhydroxy alkanoats biopolymer by cupriavidus necator
15 Samora Sobhani Production of poly (3-Hydroxy butyrate-co-3 Hydroxy valerate) Rice mill wastewater by Azohydromonas lata
16 Mehrangiz Sedigh Bazkiagoorab Assessment of environmental effects and analysis of physicochemical parameters municipal Iandfill Lahijan and Siahkal
17 Zahra Heydari sereshk Polycyclic aromatie hydrocarbons and n-alkanes in selected tissu sea snakes (hydrophis cyanocinctus) and (Lapemis curtus) from coastal water hormozgan province, persian gulf
18 Abdulreza mashroofeh Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the edible and inedible tissues two species, persian sturgeon (acipenser persicus) and stellate sturgeon (acipenser stellatus) from the south caspian sea
19 Rokhsareh Azimi yancheshmeh Distribution and Source Identification of PAHs and n-alkanes in wetland and Coastal sediments of Anzali, Caspian Sea
20 masumeh Javid Spatial distribution and seasonal variation of atmospheric pollutants deposition in tehran province choosing meteorology station
21 Kamran Saadatmand The Influence of Landscape parameters on bird species richness and diversity in oasis patches of the zagros and central iran contact zone
22 Zahra Bagheri gholi abad Introduce of the best biomonitoring agent of pb and cd among some of mussel species in the coast of bandar - abbas in relation to non - resistant
23 Parisa Ahmadi motlagh Biomonitoring and source identification of PAH compounds by using migratory and resident shorebird eggs and sediments in musa bay, persian gulf.
24 Mehrnoosh Mohammadi Endocrine - disrupting metals (cadmium, lead, mercury) and selenium concentration assessment in different parts of cancerous breast and some cosmetics products.
25 Mohsen mirzayi Empirical modeling of the linkage between surface water qualityand landscape metrics using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system(case study:mazandaran province)
26 Shohreh Alidoust Total to Organic mercury Ratio and Relationship with selenium in Tissue muscle of carassius gibelio and sediment in the east and west of Anzali wetland
27 Seyed Javad Hashemi Source identification of metals (Pb,Ni,Zn,Cu,Cr,Co,Mn,Sr and Ba) sediments collected from different in southern coast of the caspian sea
28 Somayeh rashidi Spatial distribution of 4- nonylphenol and bisphenol a estrogen doubt compounds in sediments of rivers and west southest coastals of caspian sea in gulian province
29 zahara Farhadi Spatio- temporal distribution and source identification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs in the southern surface sediment of caspian sea (transect of tonekabon, noshaher , Babolsar and amir abad port
30 Rezvan Freydoni Spatio - temporal distribution and source identification of n - alkanes in the southern babolsar and amir adad port), noshahr, surface sediments of caspian sea (transect of tonekabon )
31 mohammad taheri yakhfervazani Simulation the spatial distribution pattern of metals (Pb, Zn, Cd, Cu and Hg) in surface sediments of mangrove forests using GIS andgeostatistics
32 Mahmud Tavakoli Acute condition of airpollution estimation from tehran city due to thr ozone and particulate matter using artificial neural network
33 masoud Hatami manesh Ethanol production by saccharomyces cerevisiae from rice whey by acid hydrolysis and separate fermentation
34 Zohreh Aliakbari Preparation of mesoporous activated carbon from industrial wastewater treatment sludge for removal of hexaval chromium from aqueous solution
35 Fatemeh Kazemi Preparation of activated carbon by fir (Abies sp) sawdust for removal mercury from aqueous solution
36 Zeynab shekari Mercury(II) ion and copper (II) ion selective chemosensoe using rhodamine-B in the aquatic environments
37 Kazhal Kakaei Detection of organic pollutants bispheenol A, nonylphenol and octyiphenol and metals Cu,Pb,Ni and environmental score of hamedan landfill
38 HAKIM Gorganlidavaji Biononitoring and source identification of PAHs compounds by using wggs of 4 spesies of terns and sedimeets in shidvar and banifarur islands, persian gulf
39 Ziba Salarijoo Biomonitoring and source identification of n-alkanes compounds by using sediments and eggs of four species of terns in shidvar and banifarur islands, persian gulf
40 Faeze mahdad Optimization of compost leachate treatment using fenton, photo - fenton and AOP(H2O2/UV) in the advanced oxidation proccess
41 Soheila Valizadeh Production of activated carbon from cone of Iranian pine tree (Pinus eldarica) for adsorption of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate from aqueous solution
42 Zohreh alimohamadi Removal of organic dyes from industrial wastewater using activated carbon from walnut shell
43 Zeynab Tavassolirizi Source identification and biomonitoring of n-alkane compounds using the sediments and three mussel species from the western coast of bandar - abbas
44 Javad Delpasand Population genetic structure for whooper swan colonies (cynus cygnus, linnaeus,1758) in northern of iran using microsatellite markers and siting of alternative habitats in fereydoonkenar international wetland
45 Ali ranjbar Jafarabadi Source identification, distribution and bioaccumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and n-alkanes compounds in surface sediments and hard and soft coral species of kharg and lark in persian gulfand molecular identification of these corals b
46 Ghasem Ali hosseini Siting of disaster management support bases of region one of tehran municipallity using ordered weighted average in GIS environment
47 Zohreh Nasiri Divergence of barcode gene in Iranian common redstart (phoenicurus phoenicurus)
48 Saeed Kazemi cheleghi Distribution pattern of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) in shelej (leuciscus vorax), benni (mesopotamichthys sharpeyi)and common carp (cyprinus carpio) species in the northern region of shadegan wetland
49 mohammad masudnik the origin, distribution and accumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and n-alkanes compounds in plastic resin pellets and fragments and their abundance in the central coast of caspian sea between mahmud abad and noor
50 Koosha Parsamehr Forest Cover chang monitoring and modeling of mazandaran province & tis implifications for identifying optimal areas of reducing emissions from defprestation and forest degradation (REDD)projects.
51 mohammad eisapour chanani Removal of copper,lead and cobalt ions from aqueous solutions using functionalized Fe3o4 magnetic nano particles by melamine - based dendrimer amines
52 mehran Bijari Production ef activated carbon from ligocellulosic wastes for removel of reactive dyes from textile wastewater
53 Mahdi Sadaghi Moulting effects of wintering waterfowl in northern iran for accumulation of xenobotic and essential elements in different kinds of feathers
54 mojtaba Parsaei Comparison of Hydrocarbon sources (PAHs, n-alkanes and Hopanes )in surface sediments from the rivers and coasts of the southern and southwest caspian sea
55 Saeed Aghel Removal of organic pollutants from south pars gas complex efflunt wastewater treatment plant by advanced oxidation processes, fenton, fotofenton,UV/H2O2 and magnetic photocatalysts Fe3O4@Sio2@Tio2
56 Moslem Saeidi Application of Amino - functionalized magnetic graphene oxide nanicomposite for removel of lead and copper ions from aqueous solutions
57 Eshagh Khaki Carbon dioxide capture using nano composite of AN/VIM copolymer and graphene oxid
58 Elham Haghshenas Critical analysis of previous studies in relation to identifying suitable areas for marine aquaculture in coasts of mazandran province using spatial models
59 Bonyad Ahmadi Spatio - temporal variability and lag relationships of bio - optical components of chlorophyll - a , attenuation cofficient and remote sensing reflectance in the southern caspian sea
60 Dariush Ashtab Comparison of Multi-Criteria evolution and simulated annealing approaches for identifying suitable marine protected areas (MPAs) in southern caspian sea
61 Rahmatallah Salari dargi Development of dynamic habitat index (DHI), derived from the MODIS dataset in presiction of eastern elborz's active habitats for big mammals
62 Seyed mohsen mousavi monitoring of spatial and temporal distribution of co2 and ch4 greenhouse gases using GOSAT satellite data in IRAN
63 Fatemeh Rezaei Quantifying the relationship between CO2 gas emission and spatial and temporal dynamics of urban form in guilan and mazandarn provinces
64 Mehran Akbarzadeh Effect of landscape to gen flow of kurdestan province chukars (Alectoris chukar) using SSR biomarkers
65 Nasrin Aghajari Photocatalytic degradtion of reactive dyes 195 from aqueous solution by ag-doped Tio2 supported Fe-ZSM-5 zeolite photocatalyst
66 Nasrin Hassanzadeh Acute and sub - chronic toxicity of DEHP and DBP in zebrafish "Danio reio" in aqueous and sediment exposure with some of the biomarkers
67 Rahimeh Saberfar Determination of persian Juniper vulnerable areas in response to climate change using species distribution models