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First Name Last Name Thesis
1 Fatemeh Rajaei Simulation of management scenarios of land use and landscape metrics changes for surface water quality improvement in tajan watershed
2 Zahra Ghasemi laleh Vajheh Removal of organic pollutants from petroleum refinery wastewater using synthesized nanoporous Tio2-Fe-ZSM-5 photocatalyst
3 Noushin birjandi Medicinal herb waetewater teratment in a bioelectroo - fenton system along with power generation
4 Fatemeh rezaei Removal of toluene from contaminated air stream in catalytic ozonation process using activated carbon impregnated with metal oxides (mgo and Mno)
5 Jaber `Aazami Feasibility of fish and macroinvertebrate indices in ecological integrity assessment of tajan river and relation to habitat parameters
6 Golshan shirneshan Origins of petroleum hydrocarbon inputs using chemical fingerprinting of hopane and n-alkane compounds in southwest caspian sea and rivers leading to caspian sea
7 Zeynab Rafiei Estimating emissiom and dispersion: comparing APEX does with LADD: and assessing cancer risk of particle - phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Isfahan city
8 Soheila Rezaitabar assessment of potential health risk and bioaccumulation of microcystin LR in water and fish in anzali wetland and fish ponds
9 Akram Bemani kharanaghh Source identification and mapping of spatial distribution on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and n-alkanes based on concentration and source in surface sendiments of shadegan wetland, khuzestan province
10 Reza Dahmardeh Behrooz Source identification and Health risk Assessment of PM2.5, PM10 and TSP in sistan region during the 120 day winds and role of saberi and pozak wetland
11 Saeid Salamat Synthesis of magnetic core-shell Fe3O4@Tio2 nanoparticles from electric arc furnace dust for photocatalytic degradation of steel mill wastewater
12 Hamid reza alizadeh sabet Effects of temperature on genomic and some biological indices during embryonic and larval development of caspian trout salam trutta caspius kessler, 1877
13 hassan malvandi Relationship between xenobiotic elements and copper pollution and genetic diversity in populations of the khramulia capoeta capoeta gracilis (Keyseling,1861)in the southern basin of caspain sea (cypriniformes,actinoptrrygii)
14 Ali Daneshi Environmental impacts of water use,, energy efficiency and GHG release in life cycle of pasteurized milk
15 halimeh etemadi Assessment and prediccting climate change influence on iran mangrove forest :A case study within the Jask mangrove protected area
16 mojtaba Hadavifar Removal of mercury and cadmium from aqueous solution in batch and continuous system by amino and thiol and thiol modified multiwalled cacarbon nanotubes
17 Malihe Amini Simultaneous carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous removal from an industrial diary wastewater in UAASB with aerobic/ anoxic fhlocculated siudge
18 seyed mohmoud ghasempouri Morphologgical and genetic variation of black - eared wheatears (Oenanthe hispanica) and pied wheatears (O.pleschanka) in their hybrid zone in
19 Mehdi Gholamalifard satellite monitoring of optically active components of caspian sea by inverse modeling of radiative transfer equation
20 Rasool Zamani.ahmadmahmmodi Relationship between spatial pattern of xenobiotic and essential elements and case their bioaavailable fractions in sediment with their amounts in pike species (Esox lucius), study: western part of anzali wetland
21 Aghdas Heidari Fast and Slow pyrolysis of Eucalyptus wood for production of Bio-oil and activated carbon and its application for CO2 Adsorption from Gas Stram
22 Ali mohammad Sanati Effects of As - prepared FSM - 16 from waste leaves of date palm (phoenix dactylifera) for removal of pb(II) and Cd(II) from aqueous solution
23 Mazaher Moeinaddini Distribution and source apportionment of PAHs and N-alkames compounds along with aerosols in vertical profile of tehran milad tower by diagnostic ratios and PME model
24 samereh Galahatkar Modelind of temporal and spatial soil organic carbon in related to land use and land cover after four decades in deylaman region
25 mohsen mohammadi galangashi the oyster of saccostrea cucullata as a biomonitoring agent for mercury pollution in the persian gulf - hormozgan province
26 Eisa solgi Spatial cistribution and origins of potentially toxic elements (PTEs) in the arak city topssoils using GIS, geostatistis and multivariate analysis
27 Samar Mortazavi Appointment of xenoestrogen Compound 4-Nonylphenol and bisphenol A in fish liver and sediment of anzali wetland and investigation of their mixtures effects on cyprinus carpio by using vitellogenin biomarker
28 farshid Ghorbani choghamarani Utilization of sedge (Carex reparia) ash as silica source for the synthesize of functionalized mesoporous silica MCM-41 and its application for adsorption of Cr (VI) and Cd(II) from aqueous solutions in batch and continuous system
29 Rouhollah Mirzaei Determination on of suitable areas for the conservation of birds based on spatial distribution of environmental therats and species diversity in golestan province
30 Ghasem zolfaghari Novel synthesis of monolayers of nano ᵝ-cyclodextrine on carbon nanoporous support (mncns) and its application in removal of some of oil, petrochemical industries and environmental pollutants
31 Mohammad Sakizadeh Evaluation the efficiency of multimedia modeling in bioaccumulation of PCBs in the eastern part of anzali wetland
32 Afsaneh shahbazi Adsorption of heavy metals (Lead,Copper and Cadminm) by using functionalized nanoporous silica (SBA -15) from aqueous solution in batch and continuous systems
33 mohammad nemati varnosfaderany Origins and depositional history of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), especially perylene inputs in the sediments of the southwest caspian sea coasts and rivers.
34 Sahar mokhtari Designing of decision support system for the protection of coasts of bushehr proviance from oil
35 Alahe Noroozi The possibility of using the marine sponge;haliclonasp. And it's bacterial symbionts as bioindicator for heavy metals pollution in qeshm and larak islands.