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Public Administration


Public administration is a sub-discipline of management which was founded for the first time in 1954 by the name of Administrative Sciences at Tehran University's Faculty of Law in close collaboration with the University of Southern California. Public administration studies the implementation of public policies and prepares civil servants for working in the public service. This academic field of study dates back to the foundation of the university, but it was in 2010 which it started its activities as a separate department. This department presently admits master students in branches such as manpower management, financial public administration, development management, information systems and organization and methods. This department also admits doctorate students in the branches of behavioral management, human resources management and policy making in public administration. Dr. Hasan Danaee Fard presently serves as the head of the department. Having diverse branches, this academic field offers vast job opportunities in public and private sectors for its alumni. The graduates can work as consultant or policy-maker of public service sector.