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IT Management


Welcome to the IT Management Information homepage where the advancements in knowledge and technology management are promoted through educational and research opportunities in the shadow of ethics.
The first IT Management department in the country was established in 2003 at Tarbiat Modares University. Also in 2008, for the first time in the country, the Science and Technology policy making Ph.D. program has started working in this group. The Information Technology Management Ph.D. program with the business intelligence orientation been launched since October 2012.
Now the IT department is active in Ph.D. programs (Information Technology Management, and Science and Technology Policy making), and a Master of Science in Information Technology Management with four orientations (Advanced Information Systems, Information resources Management, Knowledge Management, and E-Business). Student admission in the Master of Science program is now being conducted in two full-time and e-learning ways.
The goal of the group is human resource training to provide knowledge and technology management specialist for universities, corporations and other organizations in the public and private sectors as well as to carry out scientific and applied research in the field of knowledge management, data science, information technology, and science and technology policy making.
The group's programs with the aim of maintaining its top position in the country and continuing to improve globally are: Attracting expert and dedicated faculty members, encouraging faculty members and students to research and publish articles in prestigious domestic and international publications, membership in scientific associations, collaborating with other university groups and collaborating with other accredited universities in the country and abroad.
The group is capable of holding related orientations, such as technology management, knowledge management, data science, e-government, knowledge economy, and intelligent systems management. Therefore, the establishment of these disciplines and orientations are the long-term programs of the group at the graduate and postgraduate level. In the near future, the group plans to set up Ph.D. courses in the field of technology management and higher education management and set up data science orientation for the field of information technology management.
The information technology management group has collaborations and research and educational exchanges with other university departments, such as management disciplines (all orientations), economics, industrial engineering, IT engineering, data science, philosophy, sociology, law, etc., because of common ground. A feature of the IT Management department is the dynamism in the content of the tutorial. In this regard, in addition to creating new lessons or orientations, there is also a constant overview of course content and details.
The group is ready to develop international cooperation and hold joint courses with other international and domestic academies. In the IT Management Group, there is a readiness to attract foreign students at various levels. These courses can be conducted internally or at university branches in other countries.