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IT Management


The first IT department of Iran was founded in 2003 at TMU, five years later, the field of science and technology studies (STS) started its activities at this department too. IT sub-discipline Business Intelligence at doctoral level was founded in 2012. This department admits doctorate students in IT and STS and master students in four sub-disciplines of IT Management. This department's mission is to train qualified and skillful IT experts and researchers for universities, companies and state and private executive entities.
To maintain and ever boost its top position in Iran and the world, this department pursues several policies some of which include: recruitment of outstanding and innovative professors, encouraging faculty members and students to publish indexed papers and participate in national and international conferences, joining in scientific associations, collaborating with other departments and universities. One of the long-term programs of this department concerns the establishment of new master and doctorate fields such as technology management, knowledge management, electronic administration, knowledge economy and the management of smart systems. IT Department has vast academic and research cooperation with other departments of the university due to the overlapping nature of many courses, some of which include: management, economics, industrial engineering, IT engineering, philosophy, sociology, law '
IT Department enjoys a dynamic curriculum. To maintain this feature, the syllabi and curricula are constantly revised and modified to meet the new requirements. This department is eager to hold joint courses with other domestic and international universities and expand its international relationships with its counterparts worldwide. This department admits (tuition-waived and tuition paying) full time and part-time students and offers evening classes too. It also plans to establish virtual IT in a near future. The establishment of two doctorate fields in Technology Management and Higher Education Management are other objectives that the department passionately pursues. Information Technology Department of TMU is prepared to admit foreign students, the courses can be offered inside Iran or abroad in TMU's oversea branches.