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Industrial Management


In the modern world, managers have to regard their organization as an integrated process in order to make use of new ideas and devices for the sake of their organization's success. Industrial management as a branch of business administration, studies the structure and organization of industrial companies. It comprises those fields of business administration that are necessary for the success of companies within the manufacturing sector and the encompassing services (primarily operations management, marketing, and financial management). Industrial management departments in Iran enjoy a history of several decades and have offered hundreds of alumni to the job market. These graduates have been recruited by industrial or service companies. The head of the department is now Dr. Danaee Fard. The graduates can find job opportunities in private or public sectors.
This department admits master and doctorate students in industrial management. Industrial management has several sub-disciplines at master level, two of which are Operations Research (OR) and Production (Operations) Management. The department also admits doctorate students in four branches including Operations Research (OR), Production, Systems and Financial. The courses offered at this level relate to management, quantitative methods, optimizing and planning. So the students learn about the diverse aspects needed for the understanding of environment, customer, organization and their analytical, managerial and improvement methods.
The graduating bachelors / masters of top universities often choose TMU's Management Department as their first priority, and that is why this department has witnessed an ever-growing position and its teaching staff and alumni have had great academic achievements. This department has offered hundreds of master and doctorate alumni to the Iranian community, most of who have been a source of great executive and academic services.
Applying the term of industry to different sectors such as banking, insurance 'has expanded the theoretical and pragmatic scope of industrial management addressing a wide range of audience. One of the potential functions of this field concerns the professionalizing students and managers in the domain of modeling organizational systems and planning in fuzzy work environments. Providing decision-making skills is another function of this field which has added to its charm among master and doctorate applicants (compared to other engineering or basic sciences such as power, industrial engineering, physics, mathematics and statistics). The adaptability of engineering skills and interdisciplinary courses with applied and theoretical domains of industrial management especially in the modeling of soft systems is very high, a fact which has led to the attraction of many applicants to this area. Presently, Dr. Adel Azar is the head of Industrial Management Department of TMU.