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Economical Science


Economics has contributed to the enhancement of man's knowledge and his attainment of higher life standards. Presently, people enjoy a much better living conditions compared with any era in the past. Economists as a subdivision of social sciences try to explain and project human behaviors within certain patterns and models. They do this as accurately and vigorously as the scientists of physics and natural sciences explain and describe physical or natural phenomena. The 'theories of maximizing behaviors which have been developed by economists along with 'maximizing theories of physical and natural behaviors' have created valuable results, that is why the 18th and 20th centuries are called the 'economists' centuries'. However, the contemporary world faces globalization, environmental damage, existing unfair income gaps between national and world wealth, and is less interested in ideological challenges. That is when economists can play a better role by offering theories to create a fairer, healthier and more active world. Economists can cooperate with the specialists of other humanity sciences to accomplish this mission. This expectation is based on a simple assumption that the solution for complex social problems sometimes lies in the recruitment of specialists of different fields. No doubt, Islamic economics can also play a much more significant role in this domain.