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Business Administration


Management Department of TMU started admitting master students in business, public sector and industrial disciplines in 1982 and six years later started admitting doctorate students in the fields of public sector planning, human resources, behaviors, international marketing, systems, financial, and operations management. These fields of study gained independence in 2010 when the newly-built faculty was inaugurated and a new department for business management was allocated. This department offers master courses for business management (international marketing, financial management) and doctorate courses in (international marketing and strategic management).

In the 20 year vision of business management department, it aims to become 'the leading business management department of Iran and the region'.

Long-term Objectives:

  • Educating and training committed and qualified workforce in compliance with country needs
  • Promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of business department at university level
  • Achieving a scientific reference position in Iran and the region
  • Setting up the evaluation system and quality insurance


  • Revising and amending the curricula, syllabi
  • Enhancing awareness of / familiarizing the teaching staff and students with the department's research and educational objectives
  • Active participation of faculty members and students in research and educational activities of the department
  • Identifying / inviting researchers and faculty members engaged in business areas and establishing contact with them with an emphasis on national interests
  • Paving the way for the integration of business knowledge into national commercial policies and decision-making processes
  • Conducting valid scientific projects in business areas- promoting the commercialization culture in alumni
  • Holding at least 2 national / international business seminars in each year
  • Establishing suitable relationships with industries and the active participation of scientific associations and companies in research programs
  • Receiving a minimum 20 percent of the faculty's research budget in the next 3 years
  • Publishing a specialized journal on business in the five year period
  • Developing mechanisms for field visits from leading industries of Iran in close collaboration with the university's entrepreneurship center
  • Preparing the necessary requirements for the expansion of department's activities (e.g. the foundation of master degree in MBA'.)
  • Helping students to choose research topic more compatible with national goals
  • Active participation in applied research set out by state authorities
  • Expanding the educational and research infrastructures by internal and external evaluation of department's performance
  • Increasing the number of contracts signed with outside entities and offering applied research services and short-term training courses
  • Playing an active and effective role in the socio-economic, political and cultural programs of Iran in the area of business management